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American Bobtail

Some believe that the American Bobtail was a cross of a domestic cat and a bobcat,but genetics so far have proven this wrong. Just where he got his wild looks is unknown, but it is believed that the Bobtail most likely developed in litters of kittens for generations. But, in the 1960s the breed started its true development. A brown tabby Bobtail kitten was found on a southern Arizona Indian reservation. The people who found him were enchanted with his looks and sweet personality. When bred to a long-tailed female, he fathered more Bobtailed kittens and the American Bobtail was born!

The American Bobtail is a sweet, attentive, playful, wonderful pet, that can learn tricks easily. They come in all colors and patterns but the spotted or ticked brown tabby is usually dominate. The Bobtail has a wedge-shaped, face with high cheekbones, large oval almond eyes, brawny body and hind legs a little longer than than the front, and the feature that gave him his name, a bob tail 1 to 6 inches long.

Great with all family members, including children, this breed needs no special grooming as his coat, no matter the length, does not mat!


By: Linda Eastabrooks

Former AKC Breeder



American Bobtail

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