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Does your cat or dog need to go to the vet? Does your cat or dog really need that surgery, procedure, or treatment? How serious is the condition your veterinarian described? Is euthanasia the best decision for your pet right now? You’ve been told what’s wrong but it just wasn’t specific enough or explained clearly enough? The Web-DVM online veterinarians can help answer these questions.

Our goal at Web-DVM’s Ask A Vet Advice Online Veterinary Request Service, is to provide you with peace of mind. Sometimes you just need another professional opinion to be sure you are making the right decision. Before starting from the beginning with another veterinarian who may well want to conduct costly tests of their own, Web-DVM’s Ask A Vet Advice Online Veterinary Request Service may be of invaluable assistance. We want to help you make the best choice for your animals and know at the same time that you have saved valuable time and money while receiving a professional case review from the comfort of your own home.

Pets today are considered family members, best friends, confidants, and so much more. Taking care of them requires not just dedication, love, and nurturing, but also the right knowlege to recognize illness and make medical decisions for your pet. The Online Veterinarian provides quick, professional veterinary answers, and advice for the situations and concerns that you face while taking care of your pets with the Ask A Vet Advice Online Veterinary Request Service. Ask Pet Questions and get Veterinary Advice. Consultations will be detailed and informative and will not be generic, cursory answers, with follow up correspondence if necessary.

Web-DVM’s Ask A Vet Advice Online Veterinary Request Service is not intended to replace a traditional appointment with a  veterinarian and a complete physical exam. This service is only meant to be informative and supplemental.  At this time, Web-DVM’s Ask A Vet Advice Online Veterinary Request Service is powered by the JustAnswer expert question and answer megaportal, with available pet health and veterinary experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and providing expert answers typically within minutes.

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46 thoughts on “Ask the Vet

  1. Dr. Roger says:


    Please note, this is a comment section for discussion only and specific veterinary questions WILL NOT be answered here by a veterinarian. If you seek direct veterinary advice, please use the question box in the heading!

    Best regards,

    Dr. Roger

    • brooke says:

      cat 4 years old he is drinking alot off-on he isnt eating that much and he is sleeping alot but he is aware of everything he is not grooming that much

  2. Liz Martinez says:

    My sister and her husband bought a yorkie for their 3 year old.

    Although their daughter says she loves her “puppy”, she doesn’t seem to know how to play with the dog. She holds on too tightly, pulls the dogs ears and fur, etc. The dog constantly tries to bite her. The dog isn’t innocent either–she grabs my niece’s toys and chews them.

    How can the family teach their 3 yr old and teach the dog to live together and the right way to play?

  3. Kala says:

    my cat is licking a rusty metal trash can and concrete blocks. He eats hard cat food. He threw up his cat food and it was not even broke down.

  4. cindy says:

    I am buying a pup and the owner says I can pick it up at 6wks. I have read that it should be at least 8 wks. What should I do?

  5. San Dee says:

    My 11 yr old Pom has trouble walking, I think she has arthritis, are there cortisone shots for dogs or what can I do to help her.

  6. Loni Elrod says:

    We have an older Beagle (14+ years) who has recently started going into the bedroom and barking a single bark. He will switch to a different bedroom and do the same. It seems that he wants us to come to where he is at but I am wondering if there is something wrong. Is he in pain or just being a pain?

  7. TeeJay says:

    my cat has Plemghigus? and requires cortisone, however she is a renal cat and I’ve been told you can’t give cortisone to renal cats, why not?

  8. Maria Theresa says:

    Hello Dr.

    My name is Maria. I have a 3 mons old female persian cat given by my relative. It’s her second day in my house and I notice that she always hide under my bed. I don’t know what to do to her, I don’t want her to hide there every single day. It makes me sad. Please help. I will bring her to her first vet visit next week. Thank you.

  9. A Foster says:

    Our one year old lab is having symptoms of listlessness, pain, fever, high white blood cell count, fever, weight loss and dehydration. Initially she was given antibiotics and pain medication and she began to improve but about two days later she declined again. She was seen by Dr. Shulz at Companion Pet two additional times and was given more antibiotics, tape worm meds (even though fecal test was negative for worms) and pain medication. We changed her diet to boneless skinless chicken breast, rice, peas, and cottage cheese. She immediately improved after the diet change but, sadly she began to decline again. Over the last three weeks she has lost a lot of weight and is beginning to look like a skeleton. We have spent hundreds on medical bills just trying to find an answer. Through ought all of this she is eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing normally. She only vomited once in the first week of showing symptoms. Blood test was normal except for high white blood cell count. Kidney and liver functions showed normal. X rays showed nothing of concern. Aja continues to suffer in pain, and we feel helpless. Our next step is to take her to a specialist, which is going to be much more costly but our only goal is to help Aja feel better.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I am the owner of an 8 year old beagle. Over the last 6 weeks I noticed she began losing a lot of weight, had discharge, had some bloody discharge, lost her appetite, and will squat multiple times to releave herself outside. We took her to the vet where they tried 2 different types of antibiotics hoping it would fight off a Urinary Tract Infection. After neither one worked, a urine culture was taken and it did not show any signs of an infection. We then took her to get an ultra sound of her lower abdomen where they think they found some inflamed lymph nodes around her bladder. The vet now thinks she could have lymphoma but is not really sure at all. The next step is to get a chest X-ray to see if there is any swelling up there and to take a blood test. My question is, based on this information, what could be my dog’s diagnosis and what else can we do to conclude on one? We are really hoping it is not cancer…she seems too young to show these extreme signs for cancer over a short 6 week span. Please help

  11. Star says:

    7-8yr old Dachshund,female nearly 8 wks ago wasn’t producing any red blood cells. the vet charged us $1,500 just to diagnose what “could/maybe” be a problem. Then, prescribed narcotics that causes her to not have an appetite for dry or wet food. On her follow-up, vet visit, she made a complete 180 after receiving a blood transfusion (she did not reject it). She has made a complete recovery and we want to keep it that way!! =D

    1) Recommendations on a particular brand of dog food (dry or wet)?
    2) is peanut butter a good source of protein intake and is it safe for her?
    3) Recommendations on walk-time or bowel movement?
    4) Recommendations on Calcium and Iron Intake?
    5)Solution(s) for depressed dogs, of this breed.
    6) should she mate and reproduce?

    Please offer any and all advice, that will benefit this special fighter!!

  12. Nick says:

    My husky mixed with golden retriever is 15 years old. I let her outside to go to the bathroom and within an hour she developed a lump under her right eye. She still eats and drinks with our problems. She also has fleas and they over ran her and is losing hair, but she won’t let me bathe her. What should I do?

  13. Steven says:

    I have a puppy who has not had his kennel cough vaccine, my dogs at home have had all their vaccines. Is it safe for them to be around each other?

  14. Christel Arguijo says:

    We have a 7 year old Golden Retriver, suddenly a couple of weeks ago, she became listless and stopped eating.We took her to the vet after two days. A basic exam was done that showed no abnormalities, she was injected fluids, given special diet food and anti vomiting medication and a blood test next day showed elevated calcium and other markers showing possible kidney disease . An ultrasound was performed and it didn’t show serious damage to any of the digestives organs other that some inflammation and slightly enlarged spleen. She was prescribed amoxillin 500MG and prednisolone 5MG during the time she was taking the medicine she became her normal self and a second blood test showed normal functions except for some hippo thirodal function that the doctor decided not to medica at this time. A day or two after the antibiotics were finished, she started to eat less and less, still drinking a lot of water. She is not finished with the steroids, she takes one every three day.
    Can you pleas give me a second opinion from the information I gave you? We are very worried about her and don’t want to overlook anything. Should we suggest and X-ray or perhaps an MRI?
    Thank you for your valuable input.


    • Christel Arguijo says:

      This is Christel and I just want to let know tha I am not impressed by your site. First you offer free advice, not true, then you pretend to have a vet standing by so that I give you my credit card and then you also let me know that I will be charged $ 20 if I like your effort or $ 5.00 if I don’t.


  15. Maddie says:

    My cat just tried to run outside and we had to run and grab her. She was very frightened and ran into the bushes, she was hissing and peed herself. We’ve had her inside for about half an hour now and we noticed that her left eye is a little droopy. I’m wondering if she is just stressed or if this is cause for concern? Thank you.

  16. Johnny says:

    Hello :)
    My cat has developed an unstable posture in the past 48 hours. At first he seemed a bit unstable in the rear part of the body, then i noticed he wouldn’t jump. It seems like he won’t put all of his weight on one of the rear legs.

    he is 7 YO.
    in the past 2 days:
    – normal appetite.
    – no lethargy
    – no apathy
    – no apparent pain
    – no local tenderness or warmth or swolleness
    – no lacerations or foreign bodies found.

    since he doesn’t seem ill I wanted to ask for your advice. what should i do?

  17. Tracey says:

    Hi Doc,
    Our 7 year old male cat has been having diarrhea for 6 months. We have taken him to the local vets,with no help. They can’t find anything that will be causing the issue. His blood work comes back normal. The next step is for special intestines doc that is way out of our price range. What can we do to help our pet so we don’t him to sleep.

  18. stephanie says:

    hi my 9 years old rabbit has an abscess below his mouth. he is still eating, moving, pooping, drinking normaly. surgery would cost allot of money and he might not make it alive thru surgery if we decide that’s what would be best. we’ve been putting hot compresses and coconut oil on it but we are not sure if it’s working. he hasn’t been showing sighs of pain. please help! thank you!

  19. kiah says:

    My cat arrived in Singapore from Australia yesterday morning. Has not urinated at all.
    When i picked him up from the airport is beeding was drenched. But it has been 24 hours now. Is he just stressed?

  20. ruthie galles says:

    i have a border collie he always chews his feet they have a oder too and iv e changed his diet lots what can I do

    • pritha ghosh says:

      give it a chewable toy. but some anti flea powder which is bitter in taste. apply it on his legs. he will not lick any more.

  21. pritha ghosh says:

    I have a female pet dog (Labrador) of 8 years old. She had tumours in her 3-4 nipples for one and a half months. Her veterinarian doctor told us to go for a surgery. We did so. Now, after one week of the surgery I have noticed that her front right and rear legs are swollen up. Her chest is also having a soft bulging appearance. Her doctor said that she might have mammary cancer. But he hasn’t done any tests to get a confirmation. Can you tell me; are these symptoms really the symptoms of cancer?
    She has normal diet and normally active. The doctor did a chest x-ray before surgery. There was nothing to worry about. The area of surgery is not swelled up. She is licking too much on the surgery portion.

  22. Joslyn says:

    Hello, I have an 8 month Malshi and he is shaking, having a little red discharge from the nose, he is very lethargic, swollen eyes and he has been resting on my bed for a long time and he drinks a lot of water. Could this be a fever or something?

  23. Dari says:

    I was wondering why my rabbit (4yrs) losing his appetite for the past 3 days. I even fed him with his fav food which is banana and he just took a small bite. He is active, but i can hear growling sound from his stomach. I’m afraid he’s starving. What should i do?

  24. Cindy says:

    My 10 1/2 yr. old basset has a lot of sebaceous cysts.
    They’re very itchy and look terrible. Is there some kind of cream I can put on them so the dog can have some relief?

  25. Burke says:

    Hi, I have a 7 yr old Grn Shpd mix, female. She is in good health but her left nostril, where it is naturally split at the bottom is quite dry and flaky. It appears to by oozing a yellowish secretion. It bothers her to where she rubs that side of her nose on the carpet. What can be done for this, is it something that should be looked at?

  26. Tess says:

    Hello, I have a 13 year old Flat-Coated RetrieverxSpaniel Mix who has just done something quite mind boggling today…
    Zoey, my dog, wears a Female doggie Diaper as well as diaper pads because of previously accessed menopause reasons…but today when her diaper slipped off as it sometimes does, sitting in the soaked diaper was a little ball of ice…its literally iced pee looks like someone look some icy snow and mixed some pee in it. How does that happen? And what even is it? She doesn’t have kidney stones….vet has had tests done for senior exam and she is perfectly healthy besides usual older dog behaviors and such

  27. Robin Laybolt says:

    I have a cat that might of got bitten by a mouse in the mouth, what can I do at home for her?

  28. Suzanne says:

    I have a 6 months old German Shepherd who I am feeding one of the best food for pups on the market (Origins). He is now exhibiting terrible diarrhea. This is the 3rd day. Should I try canned pumpkin or rice to see if I can firm up his stool before taking him to the vet? We live out in a rural area and he does pick up things and eats them including grass and other debris from the trees.

  29. richard johnson says:

    i have a five month old blue healer. he is 42 pounds now by not an inch of fat on him. How long should i keep him on puppy chow before he goes on to adult dog food?

  30. leeanne says:

    i have a question my male dog nibbles is chewing on his back to the point he has made it bleed

  31. grace maynard says:

    hi my name is grace maynard im a student at Shelby valley high school and I have a project im working on will a vet please contact me ASAP thank you if you have the time please do.
    have a very blessed day.

  32. That’s nice that you can go online to get these answers. I have a tendency to not think of my questions until after we leave offices like that. Also, being able to get a second opinion without paying for more tests at another vet’s office.

  33. Kelly says:

    My six month out basset hound has a cherry eye that we are planning on having it surgically fixed. Our vet is suggesting doing both eyes, even though only one has a cherry eye. I’m concerned about doing surgery on an eye that it not exhibiting the problem. Would like a second opinion.

  34. karl epton says:

    my dog as ate some green tomatos hes of his food will he be ok hes usealy bounceing all over hes just lying down he will stand but soon goes back to lye down

  35. tash says:

    Can i give crocine or paracetamol such as combiflam etc to my goat as i thik is not well,
    Please relply as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  36. Stephanie Comienski says:

    I have an 11-year old male cocker. He has put on weight in the last year. However, lately, he seems even bigger than usual even as I’ve been cutting back on his food! He’s not quite as peppy as usual but he likes to run on our walks. My concern is..could he have eaten something that is blocking his intestines (like an old gummy rawhide piece)? He doesn’t seem in pain..just moves slower.

  37. magie says:

    My dogs breathing but hes not moving what do i need to do?

  38. james c says:

    im watching a friends puppy and i notice she limps when she first wakes up, but after a few minutes she seems fine and starts running around andplaying with my older dog. the puppy flys down my stairs usually missing a few, we do have hardwood floors too..not surr if that could cause some issues
    thank you

  39. Zaizai says:

    My dog ate an edge of a toothpick, must I bring him to the vet? He is a male toy poodle.

  40. Steven mercado says:

    My cats cant open his eye what is a solution. He has somethong that looks like garbage or derbis

  41. dave says:

    I hav a puppy of 5months her origin is lhasa crossed wit pitbull and @ 5months shez looking so short my question is what breed can I use to cross her when she’s due so her own pups Can escape dd dwarf thingy..pls reply asap

  42. Ann says:

    Can dogs eat cherries? My older Chihuahua has a hard time staying asleep. I use a concentrated Cherry Juice that helps increase my seratonin which works for me. Can we pour some on the dogs food before he goes to bed at night?

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