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Back-Neck Pain Cat

To the best of your observation, is the pain originating from the back or the neck?


One thought on “Back-Neck Pain Cat

  1. Patty smith says:

    I have a solid black cat we adopted when a neighbor quit taking care of it about several years ago. Picture of Health until recently started having a dry non productive cough in the fall 2 years ago vet gave him a shot for it and put him on a short-term regimen of prednisone. It’s happens every year about the same time usually October. This year he started licking his belly until all of fur was gone and there were two weeping sores on two of his nipples. They are indoor cats we have two. The Black Cat in question is quite a large cat long long legs and was about 18 lb for several years. Last vet visit he was down to 16 lb. At that visit he had his rabies booster and I had ID chips implanted in both cats. He has not been to the vet since because we’re having some Financial issues since we had a fire in the house last year. Fire is not part of the issue. His coat quality is starting to get dull and he’s lost a lot of weight. His personality has changed he seems depressed and is under the bed quite often rather than under my feet and yowling like he was previously. I’m worried it may be a thyroid condition or maybe I’m hopeful that’s what it is instead of something worse. He’s becoming more and more listless he comes for his treats when he hears the treat bag but after one or two treats he he won’t finish them up. He’s slightly anorexic now. He’s urinating okay and he’s had on and off constipation had never vomited before but now he vomits fairly frequently but mostly just foam. I’m worried he may have a hairball that he can’t get rid of because in all this time we’ve had him he’s never throwing up a hairball except for maybe one time but since he’s made his belly bald the hair must be in there somewhere. He used to have interest in looking outside running around in the house trying to get outside occasionally he had quite a chorus various meows and yells that he would go through the house singing until he got attention then he would Mew like a kitten. He’s a clingy cat towards me I inherited him from my mother and he’s very attached but he’s also the alpha cat or he was. Any answers would be so appreciated. I’m on Social Security and I need to get him to the vet but at the moment the cost is prohibitive. we’ve been hit with taxes insurance car repairs Etc all at once it seems and now this. I will come up with the money somehow but I’m just worried it won’t be soon enough. BTW I cleared up the source on his belly topically and he is beginning to grow his hair back so the licking has stopped but that might just be because he’s too lethargic to do it

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