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Back-Neck Pain Dog

To the best of your observation, is the pain originating from the back or the neck?


2 thoughts on “Back-Neck Pain Dog

  1. Jennifer Tupper says:

    Recently our 12 week old chihuahua yorkie mix puppy has been in and out of the vet office and er. Recently he was given some subj fluids and later that night he was screaming out in pain. Even just when being touched or moved. We took him to the Vet ER later that night because it got so bad. He held his neck stiff and tilted to one side. His tail was tucked under and ears back. They couldn’t find a specific place that caused the pain. He walked slowly and carefully but you could see come hesitation in the way he moved his neck. He ran around this afternoon and played, but then he began repeating the same behavior again tonight. We are concerned this was as a result of the fluids that were injected on his back. I noticed that they were located fairly close to the spinal column and even questioned the tech on it’s. No problems with the neck prior to this visit. We originally brought him there for treating constipation and uncomfortable bloating after eating. He was also injected with praziquantel for worms and given an oral medication for worms as well. This poor puppy has been suffering since we got him just over a month ago. We are now more concerned about he neck problem and helping in pain at night…not wanting to move. Please help!!

  2. Madison says:

    I have no idea but my little baby just started with all the same symptoms. She hasn’t had fluids she just randomly started this morning with these symptoms and she is lethargic. She won’t eat or drink and we can’t even touch her because she screams in pain. She is 4 years old and a mini dachshund. She has never been moody or anything but she is nipping at our other dogs and can hardly move. Did they find out what was wrong with your baby?

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