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Diarrhea Cat 1-5 Years Blood

Diarrhea with blood indicates that your cat suffers from inflammation of the large bowel, known as colitis. Below are the most common causes for colitis in cats this age. Please click on the links below for more information on these diseases. Should you seek a one on one consultation with a licensed veterinarian, please visit our Ask the Vet page where you can submit a question 7 days a week, 24 hours a day:

Intestinal parasites

One thought on “Diarrhea Cat 1-5 Years Blood

  1. Cosmo says:

    I adopted Mel (1 year old domestic short hair) in April from a reputable shelter. He has had pudding like stools tinged with bright red blood from day one and horrible gas all the time. His vaccinations are up to date and had a physical.His stool samples are negative for parasites. He runs, play and drinks normally. He does have quite an appetite, but refuses to eat rabbit/venison canned food recommended by the vet. He gets one packet of vet prescribed probiotic sprinkled on his food daily with no change in stool.

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