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Diarrhea Puppy Blood

Diarrhea with blood indicates that your puppy suffers from inflammation of the large bowel, known as colitis. Below are the most common causes for colitis in puppies. Please click on the links below for more information on these diseases. Should you seek a one on one consultation with a licensed veterinarian, please visit our Ask the Vet page where you can submit a question 7 days a week, 24 hours a day:

Intestinal parasites
Corona virus

One thought on “Diarrhea Puppy Blood

  1. Alyssa Hensley says:

    My seven month puppy is Jap chin mixed terrier and Chihuahua. She is the love my life. She got sick three weeks ago throwing up brown liquid that smelled like poop and had cow patty consistency poop with a little yellow mucus. Took to vets after it started after I was in hospital for a night away from her when it started. Well they did x-rays anf something small was there. The next day did more and it was gine. Now all sudden she sick again. We have been traveling and she eats everything shes not supposed to and been at people’s homes. Also gave her wet dog food two days in row shes not used to getting. She also ate a lot yesterday. Food. Also shes bit used to walking much and did two days in a row. She pulls at her harness constantly also. Anyways thus morn she threw up yellow foam, accompanies by yellow watery diraeah. Well today it was four times of both. The last time was a few min ago. Her stomach sounds all gurgling bad the past hour. It went from yellow to a new color. I can’t tell if it’s turning brown maybe or has a little blood in it. Also the second time she used the bathroom she yelled and strained. Were traveling and homeless here so supposed to go again tomorrow. Shes had all her immunizations also and a few weeks ago they ruled out parvo with a test. Said she may also have gastronitus or something. She never had fleas either till three days ago and they are infested here with three dogs. Shes drinking water but hasn’t ate since a snack this morn before all this happened. The first time she threw up was food and the snack also. What do I do??? Her vet necer called back either. Idk what to do.

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