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Diseases A-Z

Welcome to Web-DVM’s Canine and Feline Health Articles page. All health articles offer indepth information regarding all of the canine and feline diseases listed below, and have been written and provided, courtesy of founder Dr. Roger L. Welton, as well as other contributors. Please feel free to make use of these articles as a valuable, free information source, but keep in mind that your veterinarian is always the best source for making decisions about your pet’s care. More articles will be added in time for your informational enjoyment, so please feel free to check back often.

Fibrocartilagenous Embolism Megacolon
Fibrosarcoma Megaesophagus
FIP Melanoma
FIV Mesenteric Torsion
Fleas Myasthenia Gravis
Allergic Bronchitis
Glaucoma Organophosphate Toxicity
AV Block GI Foreign Body Obstruction Osteochondritis
Bartonella Heart Murmur Osteosarcoma
Basal Cell Tumor Heartworm Disease Pancreatitis
Bloat/Gastric Dilatation & Volvulus Hemangiosarcoma Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper)
Calicivirus Hepatic Lipidosis Panosteitis
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Hip Dysplasia Papilloma Virus/Warts
Canine Infectious Hepatitis Histiocytoma Parvo
Canine Influenza Virus – Dog Flu Hyperthyroidism Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Cervical Stenosis Hypertrophic
Cholangiohepatitis Hypothyroidism Portosystemic Shunt
Chronic Active Hepatitis Idiopathic Canine Vacuolar Hepatopathy Pyloric Stenosis
Cirrhosis Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia Pyometra
Collapsing Trachea
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Rhinotracheitis (Feline Herpes Virus)
Corneal Ulcer Intervertebral Disc Disease Ringworm
Corona Virus Intestinal Parasites Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture Intussusception
Congestive Heart Failure
Kennel Cough Skin Allergies
Kidney Failure Splenic Hematoma
Degenerative Myelopathy Leptospirosis Spondylosis
Diabetes Lick Granuloma Urinary Incontinence
Distemper Lipoma Urinary Obstruction
Eating Grass Lower Urinary Tract Disease Urinary Tract Disease
Ehrlichia Lyme Disease  Uveitis
Elbow Dysplasia Lymphoma  Vestibular Syndrome
Eosinophilic Ulcer/
Mammary Tumors
Epilepsy Mange
Epitheliomas  Mast Cell Tumor
Epulis  Medially Luxating Patella

2 thoughts on “Diseases A-Z

  1. vickie williams says:

    I have a 14 year old cat she is not eating or drinking. When you touch the base of her tail on her back she hisses and hollered. What could it be?

  2. Ava cummingds says:

    I have a 15 year old dog he is drinking a lot and pooping and peeing inside the house he’s never done that what is wrong eith my poor puppy

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