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Distended Abdomen Cat

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2 thoughts on “Distended Abdomen Cat

  1. Jeff vaughn says:

    Bogart is of undetermined age. Was found with upper respiratory infection and parasites and starved through 8 of his 9 lives.

    Been caring for him for six months. He makes progress, gains weight, increased energy then relapses beginning with some minor infection. Antibiotics typically help him recover but it has been two steps forward and one back.

    Current symptoms. Inconsistent stool color and consistency from soft to solid formed. The softer the lighter in color. Lethargy. Appearance of mucus at nostrils that at first had traces of blood, weight loss he still has a fair appetite, a slightly distended belly and deminished grooming.


  2. Susan says:

    I loved animals, especially dogs. Whenever we sick, I have a feeling the pain and wants it quickly out. I enjoyed your website,

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