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Drooling Dog 10+ Years No Foul Breath

Has your dog recently been treated with a pet store (non-veterinary) grade flea/tick collar, shampoo, or topical; or has the home or yard recently been treated with pesticides?


One thought on “Drooling Dog 10+ Years No Foul Breath

  1. Valerie says:

    Tries to defecate with no success. Vomitted twice, first with a lot of food, second, mucus. Now has started drooling excessively. Constipation started yesterday. Has definitely had large dry stools in the recent past. Parts were white. He eats mostly dry food with daily carrots, cauliflower, and snow peas, raw. No food today. Gave him chicken broth with an eyedropper. He weighs 20 lbs and is a shiz tsu mix.

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