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Drooling Dog 5-10 Years

Is the breath odor unusually foul?


One thought on “Drooling Dog 5-10 Years

  1. Robin says:

    English Setter, male, 8-10 years, started drooling this morning. We live in a remote area with abundance of wild flowers and grasses. This afternoon he was still drooling and when trying to drink water he was not able to swallow. He tries to eat and appears he cannot swallow. His throat seems to be swollen. I gave him some warm Swanson chicken stock, low sodium. He was able to get some of it down and now seems to be a bit more relaxed…he has now laid down and seems to be snoring. We do have poison oak intermixed with Oak trees and wild grasses. He seems to be partial to oat grasses. Except for what I described above, he appears to be ok. Thank you for any information.

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