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Limping Dog 1-5 Years Rear

Has your dog sustained any recent falls or trauma?


2 thoughts on “Limping Dog 1-5 Years Rear

  1. Travis w says:

    Female bit pull. 2 years of age. Has had issues with left hind leg for some time on and off. Took to vet about two weeks ago, treatment prescribed; anti inflammatory once daily and rest, if persists return for further diag. Symptoms not better or worse till She got out about two days ago and came back with condition much worse, will not use leg. Yesterday started acting lethargic. Late last night starting vomiting and with runny stool (in the house, never does that). This morning woke up to bloody stool again in the house. Now I am extremely concerned. It is Sunday and can not take her anywhere till tomorrow. Afraid this time could be crucial to proper treatment. Please any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Tennille Scheidt says:

      Is she fixed? I had a 2 year old pitbull with similar symptoms, her eyes were bloodshot as well, turned out to be pyromecia

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