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Lipoma Cat 1-5 Years

This mass is an example of a lipoma, a benign (not cancerous) mass that is occassionally seen in cats. They can appear anywhere on the body and grow from the fat just beneath the skin known as the subcutaneous space in middle aged to older cats. Please refer to the article below for more information on lipomas in cats. If you still seek further information, please visit our
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One thought on “Lipoma Cat 1-5 Years

  1. Nuriye says:

    Hello, I took my cat out 3 days ago. When we came back that night he had small red dots in his ears, and also swollen chin it looked reddish, then I read online that plastic bowls are the reatI have changed it immediately. Then he became normal. But today when I woke up I’ve realized that his nose bridge and front of his head is swollen. He is eating, drinking normally. Nothing has changed since. I took him to vet but it was closed. I don’t know what to do and vet will be opening on Monday. Please help me He does have back pain.

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