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Vomiting Dog 1-5 Years Bile Mucus Painful Belly

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GI foreign body obstruction

One thought on “Vomiting Dog 1-5 Years Bile Mucus Painful Belly

  1. Sara says:

    Our Great Dane was diagnosed with skin allergies relating to his food a little over a year ago after a $600 trip to the vet. He was put on antibiotics and we were instructed to bathe him twice a week with a special shampoo and change his food. The vet recommended several to try and also put him on antibiotics. This all helped his skin a little but not completely. Recently, his health has taken a turn for the worse. He would have diarrhea periodically for a couple of days, but then it would pass and he would be fine. Two days ago, he started vomiting white foam and lost his appetite completely. He also has had diarrhea several times and has a greenish colored mucus coming out of his eyes. He is barely drinking. He is not on a new food and had not ingested anything he shouldn’t have as far as I know. Any ideas on what could be wrong with him or what we can do to help him?

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