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Abdominal Pain Dog 1-5 Years

Is your dog vomiting?


19 thoughts on “Abdominal Pain Dog 1-5 Years

  1. Devin Wagner says:

    Good Morning

    About two weeks ago my pitbull started drooling excessively. We had just moved so I thought it was stress. I went away on a 4 day cruise, I had him at a friends house. The whole time he was still drooling. When I cam back the drooling got worst and the side of his jaw skin was hanging. I gave him some pedialyte and the drooling stopped. Now his back is hunched over and he is walking on his hind legs like it hurts him and he starts shaking. Do you have any idea what can be wrong. He eats still, plays, urinates. The leg this just started yesterday.

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