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Does your cat or dog need to go to the vet? Does your cat or dog really need that surgery, procedure, or treatment? How serious is the condition your veterinarian described? Is euthanasia the best decision for your pet right now? You’ve been told what’s wrong but it just wasn’t specific enough or explained clearly enough? The Web-DVM online veterinarians can help answer these questions.

Our goal at Web-DVM’s Ask A Vet Advice Online Veterinary Request Service, is to provide you with peace of mind. Sometimes you just need another professional opinion to be sure you are making the right decision. Before starting from the beginning with another veterinarian who may well want to conduct costly tests of their own, Web-DVM’s Ask A Vet Advice Online Veterinary Request Service may be of invaluable assistance. We want to help you make the best choice for your animals and know at the same time that you have saved valuable time and money while receiving a professional case review from the comfort of your own home.

Pets today are considered family members, best friends, confidants, and so much more. Taking care of them requires not just dedication, love, and nurturing, but also the right knowlege to recognize illness and make medical decisions for your pet. The Online Veterinarian provides quick, professional veterinary answers, and advice for the situations and concerns that you face while taking care of your pets with the Ask A Vet Advice Online Veterinary Request Service. Ask Pet Questions and get Veterinary Advice. Consultations will be detailed and informative and will not be generic, cursory answers, with follow up correspondence if necessary.

Web-DVM’s Ask A Vet Advice Online Veterinary Request Service is not intended to replace a traditional appointment with a  veterinarian and a complete physical exam. This service is only meant to be informative and supplemental.  At this time, Web-DVM’s Ask A Vet Advice Online Veterinary Request Service is powered by the JustAnswer expert question and answer megaportal, with available pet health and veterinary experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and providing expert answers typically within minutes.

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295 thoughts on “Ask the Vet

  1. Dr. Roger says:


    Please note, this is a comment section for discussion only and specific veterinary questions WILL NOT be answered here by a veterinarian. If you seek direct veterinary advice, please use the question box in the heading!

    Best regards,

    Dr. Roger

    • brooke says:

      cat 4 years old he is drinking alot off-on he isnt eating that much and he is sleeping alot but he is aware of everything he is not grooming that much

    • Sunie Lyon says:

      My dachshound just coughed up two skinny black and brown worms and they were still moving. What kind of worm is this?? I’m very worried she is only 4 years old please help.

    • Shree says:

      My dog just started to drool since yesterday he is active but is that normal

    • john david says:

      My dog constantly needs water she sleeps sometimes in the daytime and she is awake at night thank you.

    • Sierra says:

      Dog 7 weeks enlarged stomach/abdomen with constipation, lack of appetite, and cold mouth/paws

      • I would not
        Wait, I would
        Take your Darling to the
        It is to late when you
        Wait to long!
        Give you “little One”
        A kiss from
        His or her
        A kiss from
        His Anttie
        Please take
        The puppy
        To Vet.

    • Marissa says:

      My dog ate some rasins and soon after threw them up and had diarrhea and when she threw up again it was clear liquid. They say to bring her in but I need a honest opion…if she threw them up would she be OK?

    • Amber says:

      My cat has a black tiny sore lump thing on his head. What is it?

      • lisa says:

        Sounds like a tick to me.
        You can take a cotton ball and put a glob of hand sanitizer on it, then hold on the tick for a good 10 minutes or more, then when you slowly take the cotton ball away, the tick will be on the cotton, unable to get off.
        It suffocates them so they will unlatch and be on the cotton.

    • Brooke says:

      I have a 1 1/2 year old boston terrier/boxer mix that poops in the kitchen every time we leave and eats it

    • kim says:

      I change my cat food from cheap brand to friskies, but she is now experiencing diarrhea..And sometimes i see blood .. what brand can you suggest?

      • Random says:

        Sorry for the late answer, go back to the brand you fed her before, and slowly introduce it with every meal, by adding a little bit each time.

      • Avril says:

        Don’t worry its normal it’s just because the cats not used to the food just slowly give it to him/her

    • Russ says:

      1.5 year old bulldog has scratch in eye, vet gave us some ointment, I put in 2 small drops as recommended now she won’t open her eye. Is this normal?

      • a concerned dog owner says:

        No not normal,
        The vet should have sent you to a eye doctor for your baby.
        I went through the same thing.
        My little one was blind. I stopped the medicine. She’s fine now. I will follow up with a optomlogist.
        She will only see a vet when needed for being sick … Not for eyes bones or another part of her body that a specialist can handle.

    • Dani says:

      My male boxer puppy is acting very strange. He normally eats very well, behaves very well too. Well today we fed him his normal food, at the same amount, and after he ate he started begging, whining and being very loud for more food. We tried to ignore the begging, but it’s been an hour and he hasn’t stopped. When he comes over to beg we put him back on the floor and he runs over to his food bowl and starts whining again. He has never done this before. We have tried playing with him, giving him water, and taking him outside but nothing seems to stop him from crying. When he falls asleep he wakes up about ten minutes later and starts whining again.

      • Cynthia Persinger says:

        It sounds very much as if he might just be hungry. Pups are just like children- they are growing! ANd growing babies gradually need more food. Try increasing his meals ( the quantity AND possibly frequency- you didn’t mention how often you fed him) ) a little at a time. Good luck!

    • Annie Garcia says:

      American Bulldog
      7 years old
      Cartersville, Ga.
      ~My dog has excessive drooling (leaves puddles and drool constantly hanging off of his mouth in long thick strands) fatigue, lethargy, weight loss but eats well, difficulty walking, climbing, and cannot jump, foul odor, horrible breath, ulcers around face (eyes and nose area) and hind legs with hair loss that will not heal, the ones by the nose are swollen so they are bumpy, heavy panting, stays in his bed all day, chronic red eye and pus in the eyes. Please help me by telling me what you think it could be and where I could take him that will be affordable. I’m on disability and do not work. He has a lot of the signs pointing to cancer except he eats well but has lost about 30 pounds. You can see his bones. I look forward to your input. Thank you so much!

    • Devon says:

      My bearded dragon has been really dark for a few days I gave him a bath yesterday and he was fine but now he’s back to being very dark is he okay?

    • Kirsten says:

      We just had a cat have a litter of kittens and abandoned on kitten she is about 3 to 6 weeks we feed her kitten formula with a syringe how many times a day do I need to feed her?

    • Adrielle Reyes says:

      She’s crying for 2 nights now and when you try to touch her front legs she will cry hard and will bite you. What can I do?

    • Cassidy says:

      My 1year old cat is limping and he’s been laying down a lot! I checked to see which leg hurt but when I touched his back leg he bite me. I don’t know what to do! He is a indoor cat but we just got a new 4year cat and they have been playing a lot. So I think he probably got hurt from that.

    • Melody says:

      My dog has lumps on stomach drinks excessively urine is clear losing weight

    • Vanessa Jimenez says:

      My cat is pooping out side of his litter box and then pooping in it plz help

    • Sam Ramirez says:

      My dog has a hard ball underneath his skin belies his left ear, it’s keeps getting bigger. One side of his face looks bigger than the other due to the ball. He’s no showing any signs of pain nor a difference in behavior. what can it be?

    • D. Russelll says:

      i am currently in the bahamas and my rabbit (pebbles) is splayed leg and twisted pelivs! all the vets are telling me to put her sleep. PLEASE HELP ME! I DONT WANT TO :'( she drags herself and can not walk.

      • paisley says:

        im sorry but it is probably best to put her to sleep so she can stop hurting and suffering i am so sorry for loss

      • Lorrie Cottle says:

        I just took,my,6,month puppy to,be spayed,she,has been quite for four,days,and,now is hard to,keep,quite she acutally jas,ran around,some and played,her,incision,looks good,what should i do

    • Tori says:

      My cat that i got a Petco is her 2nd day here and I’m noticing that she is loosing lots of fur and now there is no fur by her butt area. Also, now there is blood by the butt area as well. she doesn’t eat or drink that much and also doesn’t go to the box that much either. is she ok?

    • monte says:

      hello sir/mam my dog is in emergency no doctor is avilable now he is screaming he dont have fever he is dalmation 8-9 months old from last 2 days his arm is in the air but there is no injuries on his arm but when he walk he walk normally he always opens his mouth he is not eating properly i am giving him curd and banana and water please help me as soon as possible tell me some home remedy

    • Hilary Hoffman says:

      Comment about the website: it says “ask a Querstion”

    • R .K. ROY. says:

      I am indeed impressed to read on your service and the achievements you have gained. I appeal for your kind help in giving treatment to our Home for Dog inmates.

      I maintain a Home for Dogs with 35 stray & abandoned dogs and puppies at a remote place in India. I am a retired engineer but my passion for dogs since the age of 3 has urged me to serve them instead of sitting idle. I do not get any aid or grant and somehow manage to run the Home with our own meager recourse and generosity of a few donors.

      I do not have any veterinary help so with my limited knowledge of medicine and experience of living with dogs for 70 years I only give treatment to ailing dogs with the help of God. My most difficult task is to diagnose an ailing dog for his/her internal trouble or infection. In India there is no Veterinary Consultation service, nor any veterinarian is willing to come to this remote place Therefore I feel most helpless for suffering dogs in the absence of expert advice.

      I shall be most grateful Madam Doctor, if you provide me medical guidance on critical cases only, to help me to diagnose the internal disease correctly and render proper treatment. I am appealing to Angels of God to donate a Ultrasound Scanner, a Digital X Ray machine, a Urine & Blood Analyzer and a Condition Monitor with Heart Beat, Pulse, Temperature etc by sharing the cost.. I have already been donated with an Oxymeter by a kind lady of Washington DC. These devices will be useful for medical advice by sending images and data for expert analysis and treatment guidance.

      I am attaching an info sheet for your kind perusal.

      I shall be most obliged to get your kind advice Dr.

    • Mirai says:

      My cat had 5 beautiful kittens last month and she is eating a lot. She is still nursing the kittens but she breath heavily during nursing or when she is resting. Is she doing fine?

    • Maira says:

      My cat was sick vey badly 12 days before..she was vomitting and not eating anything she didnt eat anythng 3 or 4 dayz.. then she was injected with oxidil and gravinate for 3 she is better than before vomit once a day or after one day and not eating and playing properly..

    • Cerise says:

      Help! My mini schnauzer 4 years old suddenly vomited his food and had diarrhea 30 mins ago, his stomach is so huge like a ball. Its 3am in the morning and i dont have any 24 hours vets near me, I will have to wait the night out. Is there any way i could help him till its open?
      your question box doesnt seem to be working.

    • Olivia Saunders says:

      can you catch a stomach flu from your dog?

    • Trevor Kreis says:

      12 year old Tennessee Walker mare started loosing weight over the winter and despite doubling amount of sweet feed and adding a weight gain booster like extra fat and protein bacicly quadroupling her caloric intake for 6 weeks still no results

    • Jocie says:

      My cat, Zeus, is just over 1 year old and is experiencing swelling and limping in his rear, left paw. He will groom it and put some pressure on it, but refuses to stand comeplety on it. I never noticed limping before this evening when I came home and it was swollen and so on. He will eat a little and drink as well. He seems normal, other than a little lethargic, which is to be expected I guess. Any advice on what this may be?

    • Ashley says:

      My dog keep biting at him self and he has pulled out his hair in that spot I e used several things to bath him with

    • Hayley says:

      My 18 month old schnauzer has a red and swollen vulva and she won’t stop itching it. Is there anything to give her for relief?

    • Dawn says:

      My 8 lbs chicwaha ate a roll of Tums or rolaids.will she be ok?

    • Jerrie says:

      Doctor Rogers i m getting a puppy today 6 weks she a mix of shepard an lab ive never dewormed a pup should i take her to a vet so she can get shots an wormed at same time

  2. Liz Martinez says:

    My sister and her husband bought a yorkie for their 3 year old.

    Although their daughter says she loves her “puppy”, she doesn’t seem to know how to play with the dog. She holds on too tightly, pulls the dogs ears and fur, etc. The dog constantly tries to bite her. The dog isn’t innocent either–she grabs my niece’s toys and chews them.

    How can the family teach their 3 yr old and teach the dog to live together and the right way to play?

    • Maritza Angeles says:

      In this case what you should do is put the puppy on punishment when he/she tries to bite the six year old! my daughter use to do this with a 6 week year old shih tzu/poodle when the 6 week old puppy tried to bite we put the puppy on punishment and we taught our 6 year old to be gentle

  3. Kala says:

    my cat is licking a rusty metal trash can and concrete blocks. He eats hard cat food. He threw up his cat food and it was not even broke down.

    • Rebecca says:

      1) I would try to get your kitty not to lick rust, even though it’s a funny thing for it to be licking 2) it’s a good thing she threw up, just as long as it stops. Most cats do not chew their food, or may crush once before swallowing. it’s very common to see whole prices of food in a kitties throw up. Usually this will happy once in a while

  4. cindy says:

    I am buying a pup and the owner says I can pick it up at 6wks. I have read that it should be at least 8 wks. What should I do?

  5. San Dee says:

    My 11 yr old Pom has trouble walking, I think she has arthritis, are there cortisone shots for dogs or what can I do to help her.

  6. Loni Elrod says:

    We have an older Beagle (14+ years) who has recently started going into the bedroom and barking a single bark. He will switch to a different bedroom and do the same. It seems that he wants us to come to where he is at but I am wondering if there is something wrong. Is he in pain or just being a pain?

  7. TeeJay says:

    my cat has Plemghigus? and requires cortisone, however she is a renal cat and I’ve been told you can’t give cortisone to renal cats, why not?

  8. Maria Theresa says:

    Hello Dr.

    My name is Maria. I have a 3 mons old female persian cat given by my relative. It’s her second day in my house and I notice that she always hide under my bed. I don’t know what to do to her, I don’t want her to hide there every single day. It makes me sad. Please help. I will bring her to her first vet visit next week. Thank you.

  9. A Foster says:

    Our one year old lab is having symptoms of listlessness, pain, fever, high white blood cell count, fever, weight loss and dehydration. Initially she was given antibiotics and pain medication and she began to improve but about two days later she declined again. She was seen by Dr. Shulz at Companion Pet two additional times and was given more antibiotics, tape worm meds (even though fecal test was negative for worms) and pain medication. We changed her diet to boneless skinless chicken breast, rice, peas, and cottage cheese. She immediately improved after the diet change but, sadly she began to decline again. Over the last three weeks she has lost a lot of weight and is beginning to look like a skeleton. We have spent hundreds on medical bills just trying to find an answer. Through ought all of this she is eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing normally. She only vomited once in the first week of showing symptoms. Blood test was normal except for high white blood cell count. Kidney and liver functions showed normal. X rays showed nothing of concern. Aja continues to suffer in pain, and we feel helpless. Our next step is to take her to a specialist, which is going to be much more costly but our only goal is to help Aja feel better.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I am the owner of an 8 year old beagle. Over the last 6 weeks I noticed she began losing a lot of weight, had discharge, had some bloody discharge, lost her appetite, and will squat multiple times to releave herself outside. We took her to the vet where they tried 2 different types of antibiotics hoping it would fight off a Urinary Tract Infection. After neither one worked, a urine culture was taken and it did not show any signs of an infection. We then took her to get an ultra sound of her lower abdomen where they think they found some inflamed lymph nodes around her bladder. The vet now thinks she could have lymphoma but is not really sure at all. The next step is to get a chest X-ray to see if there is any swelling up there and to take a blood test. My question is, based on this information, what could be my dog’s diagnosis and what else can we do to conclude on one? We are really hoping it is not cancer…she seems too young to show these extreme signs for cancer over a short 6 week span. Please help

  11. Star says:

    7-8yr old Dachshund,female nearly 8 wks ago wasn’t producing any red blood cells. the vet charged us $1,500 just to diagnose what “could/maybe” be a problem. Then, prescribed narcotics that causes her to not have an appetite for dry or wet food. On her follow-up, vet visit, she made a complete 180 after receiving a blood transfusion (she did not reject it). She has made a complete recovery and we want to keep it that way!! =D

    1) Recommendations on a particular brand of dog food (dry or wet)?
    2) is peanut butter a good source of protein intake and is it safe for her?
    3) Recommendations on walk-time or bowel movement?
    4) Recommendations on Calcium and Iron Intake?
    5)Solution(s) for depressed dogs, of this breed.
    6) should she mate and reproduce?

    Please offer any and all advice, that will benefit this special fighter!!

  12. Nick says:

    My husky mixed with golden retriever is 15 years old. I let her outside to go to the bathroom and within an hour she developed a lump under her right eye. She still eats and drinks with our problems. She also has fleas and they over ran her and is losing hair, but she won’t let me bathe her. What should I do?

    • Troy says:

      Try taking the poor thing to a vet and get flea treatment. Then take it to a groomer.

    • Dr A.Jones says:

      Take her to the vet it might not be anything but at the same time it could be life threatening I can’t stress this enough take her to the vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Steven says:

    I have a puppy who has not had his kennel cough vaccine, my dogs at home have had all their vaccines. Is it safe for them to be around each other?

  14. Christel Arguijo says:

    We have a 7 year old Golden Retriver, suddenly a couple of weeks ago, she became listless and stopped eating.We took her to the vet after two days. A basic exam was done that showed no abnormalities, she was injected fluids, given special diet food and anti vomiting medication and a blood test next day showed elevated calcium and other markers showing possible kidney disease . An ultrasound was performed and it didn’t show serious damage to any of the digestives organs other that some inflammation and slightly enlarged spleen. She was prescribed amoxillin 500MG and prednisolone 5MG during the time she was taking the medicine she became her normal self and a second blood test showed normal functions except for some hippo thirodal function that the doctor decided not to medica at this time. A day or two after the antibiotics were finished, she started to eat less and less, still drinking a lot of water. She is not finished with the steroids, she takes one every three day.
    Can you pleas give me a second opinion from the information I gave you? We are very worried about her and don’t want to overlook anything. Should we suggest and X-ray or perhaps an MRI?
    Thank you for your valuable input.


    • Christel Arguijo says:

      This is Christel and I just want to let know tha I am not impressed by your site. First you offer free advice, not true, then you pretend to have a vet standing by so that I give you my credit card and then you also let me know that I will be charged $ 20 if I like your effort or $ 5.00 if I don’t.


  15. Maddie says:

    My cat just tried to run outside and we had to run and grab her. She was very frightened and ran into the bushes, she was hissing and peed herself. We’ve had her inside for about half an hour now and we noticed that her left eye is a little droopy. I’m wondering if she is just stressed or if this is cause for concern? Thank you.

  16. Johnny says:

    Hello 🙂
    My cat has developed an unstable posture in the past 48 hours. At first he seemed a bit unstable in the rear part of the body, then i noticed he wouldn’t jump. It seems like he won’t put all of his weight on one of the rear legs.

    he is 7 YO.
    in the past 2 days:
    – normal appetite.
    – no lethargy
    – no apathy
    – no apparent pain
    – no local tenderness or warmth or swolleness
    – no lacerations or foreign bodies found.

    since he doesn’t seem ill I wanted to ask for your advice. what should i do?

  17. Tracey says:

    Hi Doc,
    Our 7 year old male cat has been having diarrhea for 6 months. We have taken him to the local vets,with no help. They can’t find anything that will be causing the issue. His blood work comes back normal. The next step is for special intestines doc that is way out of our price range. What can we do to help our pet so we don’t him to sleep.

    • Deanna Ming says:

      This is late advice, but hear goes- the food you give your pet can cause diarrhea. I recommend Diamonds dry cat food, can be found at Hollywood Feed for a reasonable price. Hope things are better!

  18. stephanie says:

    hi my 9 years old rabbit has an abscess below his mouth. he is still eating, moving, pooping, drinking normaly. surgery would cost allot of money and he might not make it alive thru surgery if we decide that’s what would be best. we’ve been putting hot compresses and coconut oil on it but we are not sure if it’s working. he hasn’t been showing sighs of pain. please help! thank you!

  19. kiah says:

    My cat arrived in Singapore from Australia yesterday morning. Has not urinated at all.
    When i picked him up from the airport is beeding was drenched. But it has been 24 hours now. Is he just stressed?

  20. ruthie galles says:

    i have a border collie he always chews his feet they have a oder too and iv e changed his diet lots what can I do

    • pritha ghosh says:

      give it a chewable toy. but some anti flea powder which is bitter in taste. apply it on his legs. he will not lick any more.

  21. pritha ghosh says:

    I have a female pet dog (Labrador) of 8 years old. She had tumours in her 3-4 nipples for one and a half months. Her veterinarian doctor told us to go for a surgery. We did so. Now, after one week of the surgery I have noticed that her front right and rear legs are swollen up. Her chest is also having a soft bulging appearance. Her doctor said that she might have mammary cancer. But he hasn’t done any tests to get a confirmation. Can you tell me; are these symptoms really the symptoms of cancer?
    She has normal diet and normally active. The doctor did a chest x-ray before surgery. There was nothing to worry about. The area of surgery is not swelled up. She is licking too much on the surgery portion.

  22. Joslyn says:

    Hello, I have an 8 month Malshi and he is shaking, having a little red discharge from the nose, he is very lethargic, swollen eyes and he has been resting on my bed for a long time and he drinks a lot of water. Could this be a fever or something?

  23. Dari says:

    I was wondering why my rabbit (4yrs) losing his appetite for the past 3 days. I even fed him with his fav food which is banana and he just took a small bite. He is active, but i can hear growling sound from his stomach. I’m afraid he’s starving. What should i do?

  24. Cindy says:

    My 10 1/2 yr. old basset has a lot of sebaceous cysts.
    They’re very itchy and look terrible. Is there some kind of cream I can put on them so the dog can have some relief?

  25. Burke says:

    Hi, I have a 7 yr old Grn Shpd mix, female. She is in good health but her left nostril, where it is naturally split at the bottom is quite dry and flaky. It appears to by oozing a yellowish secretion. It bothers her to where she rubs that side of her nose on the carpet. What can be done for this, is it something that should be looked at?

  26. Tess says:

    Hello, I have a 13 year old Flat-Coated RetrieverxSpaniel Mix who has just done something quite mind boggling today…
    Zoey, my dog, wears a Female doggie Diaper as well as diaper pads because of previously accessed menopause reasons…but today when her diaper slipped off as it sometimes does, sitting in the soaked diaper was a little ball of ice…its literally iced pee looks like someone look some icy snow and mixed some pee in it. How does that happen? And what even is it? She doesn’t have kidney stones….vet has had tests done for senior exam and she is perfectly healthy besides usual older dog behaviors and such

  27. Robin Laybolt says:

    I have a cat that might of got bitten by a mouse in the mouth, what can I do at home for her?

  28. Suzanne says:

    I have a 6 months old German Shepherd who I am feeding one of the best food for pups on the market (Origins). He is now exhibiting terrible diarrhea. This is the 3rd day. Should I try canned pumpkin or rice to see if I can firm up his stool before taking him to the vet? We live out in a rural area and he does pick up things and eats them including grass and other debris from the trees.

  29. richard johnson says:

    i have a five month old blue healer. he is 42 pounds now by not an inch of fat on him. How long should i keep him on puppy chow before he goes on to adult dog food?

  30. leeanne says:

    i have a question my male dog nibbles is chewing on his back to the point he has made it bleed

  31. grace maynard says:

    hi my name is grace maynard im a student at Shelby valley high school and I have a project im working on will a vet please contact me ASAP thank you if you have the time please do.
    have a very blessed day.

  32. That’s nice that you can go online to get these answers. I have a tendency to not think of my questions until after we leave offices like that. Also, being able to get a second opinion without paying for more tests at another vet’s office.

  33. Kelly says:

    My six month out basset hound has a cherry eye that we are planning on having it surgically fixed. Our vet is suggesting doing both eyes, even though only one has a cherry eye. I’m concerned about doing surgery on an eye that it not exhibiting the problem. Would like a second opinion.

  34. karl epton says:

    my dog as ate some green tomatos hes of his food will he be ok hes usealy bounceing all over hes just lying down he will stand but soon goes back to lye down

  35. tash says:

    Can i give crocine or paracetamol such as combiflam etc to my goat as i thik is not well,
    Please relply as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  36. Stephanie Comienski says:

    I have an 11-year old male cocker. He has put on weight in the last year. However, lately, he seems even bigger than usual even as I’ve been cutting back on his food! He’s not quite as peppy as usual but he likes to run on our walks. My concern is..could he have eaten something that is blocking his intestines (like an old gummy rawhide piece)? He doesn’t seem in pain..just moves slower.

  37. magie says:

    My dogs breathing but hes not moving what do i need to do?

  38. james c says:

    im watching a friends puppy and i notice she limps when she first wakes up, but after a few minutes she seems fine and starts running around andplaying with my older dog. the puppy flys down my stairs usually missing a few, we do have hardwood floors too..not surr if that could cause some issues
    thank you

  39. Zaizai says:

    My dog ate an edge of a toothpick, must I bring him to the vet? He is a male toy poodle.

  40. Steven mercado says:

    My cats cant open his eye what is a solution. He has somethong that looks like garbage or derbis

  41. dave says:

    I hav a puppy of 5months her origin is lhasa crossed wit pitbull and @ 5months shez looking so short my question is what breed can I use to cross her when she’s due so her own pups Can escape dd dwarf thingy..pls reply asap

  42. Ann says:

    Can dogs eat cherries? My older Chihuahua has a hard time staying asleep. I use a concentrated Cherry Juice that helps increase my seratonin which works for me. Can we pour some on the dogs food before he goes to bed at night?

  43. Jessica says:

    My green iguana has spotted skin, all of a sudden, and is lethargic. Is this due to overheating (it’s 92 degrees where I live) or is something more serious at play? I hope it is good because I dont get paid till next month… Please help me…

  44. Clara says:

    I have a question. A stray cat from my neighborhood gave birth to three surviving kittens in my backyard yesterday. A friend who lives 20min away offered to take them all in! The queen is extremely friendly, every time I go to check on her she comes out for attention. She has also let me hold all three of her kittens without getting upset. My question is: should I wait before moving the cats, or does it not matter? Will there be negative consequences if I drive them over to a new environment? Should I wait until the kittens are older?

    • katrina says:

      i think you should wait because if you move them the mom might get mad and stop feeding them and than they will die & my cat had babies outside and it was cold out so i moved them inside where it was warmer and she quit feeding them and after 2-3 days they all died i felt really bad because i felt like it was mine fault but my mom told me if i didn’t move them inside they would of died anyway but any way if it is cold as in really cold and you think they will die than yes i would take my chance and move them to a warmer enviorment but than you might want to be warned they might die because she may or may not stop feeding them but i mean its all on the mom because all mom cats are different

  45. Carmen says:

    I have a dog half Blood beaggle adopted for 6 years (it has more or less seven years) one month ago was diagnosed with IRC. He was with fluid therapy and down a bit the values ​​of creatinine and urea. Treatment consists of 1 pill and half of Maalox / day and one of Cibacen 5mg / day. In a month of treatment at home has dropped creatinine 4.4 mg / dl to 2.1mg / dl urea .The always varies around 100mg / dl. She is as always lively and appetite. Follow a low-protein but of high biological value protein diet.
    Last analyzes show that electrolytes are ok (I am also giving her Ipakitine) she has been prescribed iron and now the hematocrit is ok.
    On the other hand, the dog is hysterectomy since adopted her. The echo shows remaining ovarian hormones and analysis 44pg / ml of estradiol.
    Tests of leishmania, erlichia and babesia where negatives.
    I would like to know:
    * That I can do to lower the urea more?
    * Ovarian remnant may result in IRC? The anemia seems regenerative anemia (reticulocyte index 2) this may be caused by ovarian remnant?
    * It is possible an intervention for removal of ovarian remains with kidney disease and hypertension which causes him?
    Sorry for the length of my question and for my English. I am spanish .Many thanks.

  46. Carmen says:

    I have a dog half Blood beaggle adopted for 6 years (it has more or less seven years) one month ago was diagnosed with Kidney disease. He was with fluid therapy and down a bit the values ​​of creatinine and urea. Treatment consists of 1 pill and half of Maalox / day and one of Cibacen 5mg / day. In a month of treatment at home has dropped creatinine 4.4 mg / dl to 2.1mg / dl urea .The always varies around 100mg / dl. She is as always lively and appetite. Follow a low-protein but of high biological value protein diet.
    Last analyzes show that electrolytes are ok (I am also giving her Ipakitine) she has been prescribed iron and now the hematocrit is ok.
    On the other hand, the dog is hysterectomy since adopted her. The echo shows remaining ovarian hormones and analysis 44pg / ml of estradiol.
    Tests of leishmania, erlichia and babesia where negatives.
    I would like to know:
    * That I can do to lower the urea more?
    * Ovarian remnant may result in IRC? The anemia seems regenerative anemia (reticulocyte index 2) this may be caused by ovarian remnant?
    * It is possible an intervention for removal of ovarian remains with kidney disease and hypertension which causes him?
    Sorry for the length of my question and for my English. I am spanish .Many thanks.

  47. Abby says:

    Hi I have a pitbull that I have been treating for happy tail syndrome. We have been applying neosporin and wrapping it with a circular piece of foam and an elastic bandage for the past few weeks. This morning I was taking her bandages off to let her cuts get some oxygen and I saw that I had wrapped it too tightly, and the section of tail directly above the bandage was swollen, while the bandaged part was shriveled up. Since then it has returned to normal except for the swollen portion directly above where the bandages were. Her tail is lying straight and limo and she is in a lot of pain. How can I treat this? I want her tail to be back to normal!

  48. Allie says:

    I found a stray cat several months ago, and I kept him. (It was probably late July/ early August) He has had something like a cold ever since. I have done research but I cant figure out what’s wrong with him. I want him to take him to the vet, but I cant (I’m 14) and my mom doesn’t like him that much and he was a stray so she doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on him. I’m afraid he has cancer or something, please help!

    I don’t really know what kind of cat he is, he’s solid gray with long/ish hair, and green eyes. I think maybe he is about 1 year old.

    His symptoms-
    Runny/ Snotty nose. He has sneezing fits pretty often. And whenever he sneezes, a lot of booger looking stuff comes out. (that’s one reason why my mom doesn’t like him, he sneezes on your computer monitors and TV)
    Sometimes his snot is kind of bloody.
    He has stuff come out of his eyes sometimes, it doesn’t look like mucus or anything its just little wet spots in the corner of his eyes.
    From what I can tell, he eats just fine.
    I’m not sure if this matters, but he doesn’t ever bury his poop in the litter box– I thought cats usually do so its kind of weird & it stinks really bad.

    But yeah that’s pretty much it. His name is Tater by the way. He’s very friendly and other than his nose problem and eyes, he doesn’t act sick at all. He doesn’t sleep ALL day, it seems like a regular amount and he’s not really an indoor or outdoor cat. He’s probably inside and out an equal amount of time. We do have one other cat who we had before Tater and he was not sick and still has not gotten sick, so whatever Tater has obviously isn’t contagious. And like I said, this has not went away at all since we got him.


  49. katrina says:

    hi my name is Katrina and i love animals i’m dream is to work with animals but i don’t have any concerns about my animals i just have questions about becoming a vet ? what do they do ? are there anything else that they can do besides working on animals cause what i want to do is just want it to be simple like walking the dogs and feeding watering them and the cats ? and if i were to do that for a summer job if i would get paid for doing it or no i mean im in school at the moment but i;m just trying to figure somethings out right know so i can have a heads up and what to expect

  50. mahrukh says:

    Hey doctor.
    I need your help. My cat stop eating from yesterday. She has a temperature also. What can I do for her. I mean how she will be OK. Advice some thing for her.

  51. Leah says:

    Our 13 yr old Lab has CHF diagnosed 6 months ago she’s taking 4Rx 2 daily. Recently she’s having irregular breathing, pulse. Eats some days will not others. Arthritis is becoming more difficult on her. She’s our baby what do we do now? Don’t want her to suffer but don’t want to loose her. Please tell us what to do.

  52. muahannad says:

    my cat sick with fungal in her skin
    and there is a medication (parentral im.iv ect)
    come with label written by Russian word can you pleez help me .i wants to know the active ingredient
    the picture of drug in

    thanks in advance

  53. Marlene says:

    My 7yr old chihuahua mix has been having blood in her urine. Her appetite is fine and her energy is usual. She does grumble when you push on her abdomen, but shes’s done that since she was little. I am taking her to the vet this week, but I don’t know if I should be worried about the symptoms… any thing else I should be looking into?

  54. Jordan Pittman says:

    My horse is not eating her food and is just standing still with her head down ” like that she is falling asleep ” and her temperature is getting hotter it was at 38,5 and 2 hours later is at 39.
    I have spoken to vet and will come tomorrow morning is there anything that I can do to help her temperature go down? She is a yearling

  55. Nicholas Kamvissis says:

    My dog has itched away his hair on his stomach, the skin is all red from him itching it. There is was looks like a seed where he has been scratching. Should I be doing anything about this?

  56. muhammad rizwan says:

    my hen feel trouble from oviduct..plz suggest medicine

  57. Jennifer says:

    Our 10+ year old cat has been vomiting his food about once a week for a month. It has not slowed him down, he continues to eat and drink normally, the is not dehydrated, he is active and social and his nose is cold. Is this just a sign of age or could it be more serious? Could it be stress induced we went on a trip for 2 weeks and had a neighbor look in on him and that is when it started.

  58. sonia says:

    my dog is vomiting and it looks and smells like poop. I can’t afford to take my dog to the vet, what do I do? He’s 3 years of age and he just started doing it this evening. He still energetic and wagging his tail but vomits 3 times today. Seems it’s every hour or two in between. Please help!


  59. nazanin says:

    my 5 years persian cat non str have 2 kitty about 5 monthe .it’s about 1 month she is vomiting like every day and the worth is that she is peeing every where in the house no vetereneran here understand what is the pb ? 🙁

  60. Linda says:

    I have a little dog staying with me and he seems to be having trouble having bowel movements. Is there anything I can give him to make it easier for him to go?

  61. Linda says:

    I have a little dog that seems to be having trouble having bowel movements. Is there anything I can do or give him to make this task easier for him?

  62. Yasmin says:

    Hello, how can i make sure that my cat has cryptorchidism?

  63. Jacqueline says:

    I’m trying to figure out what could be wrong with my dog. She is a blue tick/ pit bull mix. She is a lil over year old. Aprox. 3 weeks ago she all of a sudden just fell over on her side, her legs were stiff. Kinda looked like a seizure but no shaking. She went about two weeks without doing it again. Then out of no where she went to jump down off bed & it happened again & this time when she finally got up she was a lil disoriented & was walking wobbly. The very next day I went to let her out side & yet again she all of sudden fell to her side stiff legged for few seconds. I’m very worried about what could be wrong with her. Not sure if it could be a type of seizure or something. I am on extremely fixed income at the moment and cant afford to rush her to vet right now. Could u please help.

  64. Lori says:

    After a 30-40 minute ride that would make my horse sweat, we always see that he sweats more on his right side than his left. He has no previous injuries or hospitalizations that we are aware of, and is otherwise in perfect health. What could be the cause of this?

  65. Brianna says:

    My pomerarian has always had little breathing attacks when getting too excited. Lately he’s been having this attack where he just shakes and his neck muscles get really tense. I’m not sure what is going on, if I can get him to let me rub his neck after about 10-15 mins it starts to release and he calms down.

  66. anne says:

    My 6 month old maltipoo has been shaking and losing balance while trying to run. She eats and drinks on time but her two back legs are shaking and she falls over for some reason. I took her to the vet and they told me her blood works are fine but gave me some medicines: prednisone, phenobarbital and methocarbamol. Her shaking has improved a little but she is still falling over. Can you please tell me whats going on with her and how long is it going to take for her to recover.

  67. AyoubSk says:

    Hey,lately my cat has been acting weird,he meows like he is crying without a reason all the day, he meows so i let him go outside and when i do he keeps meowing outside and he keeps urinating everywhere,I would like to get some help from you.

  68. Niloofar Dordahan says:

    my 3 month old GSD puppy ate a whole big pizza. the pizza had almost no cheese. other ingredients were meat & olive oil & sauce. what should I do?

  69. kori davis says:

    hello, and thank you for your help! I had no clue this website existed. I just found a stray puppy about six months maybe, looks like a pit bull. We found him on the side of the road… We set out water and dog food for him and he ate and drank, so that was good. we brought him inside after he was playing with our dog (they were running around like crazy), and all of a sudden he splattered all over the floor and the wall diarrhea (complete liquid) a light color, no worms in it. so we cleaned it up and brought him back outside, he ended up eating more and he hasn’t pottied since then, we will watch. So then im laying with the puppy on the bed and i felt on his stomach, he has a lump (could be a hernia or i dont know) but i pushed it gently and it is very soft, Its the same color as his skin. any recommendations or anything I can do for him until I can afford the vet sometime within a week. Let me know thank you again, I appreciate you!

  70. Jaime says:

    Hello, i have a whte german shephard and she is 9 years old. For the past month or so ive noticed that shes losing weight and her ribs are showing. She also is having hip issues. I see her limping from time to time. I bought some joint tabs and they do help, but not sure what to do about the weight loss.

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  71. cole says:

    I have a cat who has either a broke leg or dislocated hip but I’m scared a vet will tell me to put her down and that’s what family and friends keep saying to put her out of her pain

  72. Gia says:

    My dog got bloated after getting into a small portion of cookies. Her stomach seems bloated, but she doesn’t throw up, whine, pase, drowl or seem uncomfortable. She does burp now and then, but I’m worried if I should take her to the vet.

  73. Denise says:

    On Dec 24th we had a family xmas dinner at my cousins house who has a dog. There were a total of 17 people in a tiny space so the dog was indeed excited. There were also small children around. One of them pulled on his tail (not very hard at all). The day after our xmas gathering the dog got sick, crying alot, arched back and these signs continue up until now. In addition the dogs back leg is shaking and she cannot straighten it. Can all this be attributed to the dog’s tail being pulled or could there be other underlying issues. I do not own any pets so my knowledge is very limited. Any advise would be appreciated.

  74. Soraya says:

    My cat has asthma and I will give the compound of amazapet, as has much stress I want give her hawthorn ( i bought Crataegus oxicatha 5 CH). My vet is not sure if it is asthma, I have fear that it could be something from the heart, so perhaps is good give to her the hawthorn. In Spain there are not many holistic veterinarians, I need to know the dosage of Craetagus 5CH.
    My cat weighs 8lb, I’ve been giving oral prednisone (I sent him the vet), his symptoms started right after his companion cat passed away days earlier after an operation for olive pit. It was devastating, she started coughing occasionally breathe more quickly and with a pattern a little weird. She has not been coughing since I give the medication, but want a more natural alternative with fewer side effects. When she was small I saved her from an air duct, so sick of the airways, when she gets nervous and makes noises when breathing during sleep sometimes makes a soft noise like a sweet snore.

    Thanks for your help
    Best regards

  75. Brandon says:

    Hey! I have a 7yo German Shepard/husky mix that I rescued and his medical and life history is unknown. However, his diet before the rescue mainly consisted of dumpster diving delights. After switching to regular dog food recommended for his age, he went through a brief period of having diarrhea but that only lasted for a few days. After which, his poops have become solid but very frequent. Every time he is let outside in the morning, he usually poops about 5x and each poop is about the size of the average tube of toothpaste. I know he is a big dog, but lately he has been pooping those poops about 15 times a day. If he is left alone in the house, he will poop all over the living room even though he was let outside before. I do not know if the coping inside is a obedience problem or if it is his way of letting me know there is a problem. I have had Shelties all of my life so I don’t know anything about these big dogs and their bowel movements, but this dog literally poops more then I do in one day then I can in a week. Please help!

  76. Graem Castell says:

    My wife and I live in an area that is due for a megathrust earthquake. If this event happens during the lifetimes of two (indoor) cats, we will (for various reasons) need to abandon our home on foot and will be unable to take our pets with us. Rather than leave them to an unknown and almost certainly miserable fate (surrounded by devastation; no food; no water; no-one to pay any attention to them), we wonder what would be the simplest, most humane, least distressing way of euthanizing them?

  77. Ali sbour says:

    My budgie cough and throw up some undigested food almost everynight .. and sneez much during the day especially after itching her head with her leg ..also she spend much time itching her body with her peak ..i dont have vet in my town so plz help 🙁

  78. Elizabeth Jones says:

    I need your advise regarding my 11 months old Persian male cat. the problem is that my cat wants to go out for mating and if we do not let him go out he sprays and pees in the house which causes a very bad odor in the house. Now that we have let him out on his own he has started to spray around outside and you can smell the odor as soon as you enter through gate.
    Secondly we have tried to set up play dates for him and lock both the cats in bathroom but uptill now he hasn’t mated.
    Thirdly, there is a stray cat outside which is on heat all he does is that he sits beside her all day long and if we bring him inside the female cat starts to cry which make him go crazy to go outside.
    Finally, I want to ask you about getting my cat neutered. The pros and cons of getting the cat neutered. I have heard from someone that the cat’s personality changes and we have to take care of him more because there will be a wound after his operation and all the people in our house go to work. Hence, there can be a problem in taking care of him 24/7.

  79. deepak says:

    i had taken my 3 month old pug dog for vaccination doctor had injected , but now the injected sport is been swelling , in round shape as a ball kindly suggest me how to over come this problem

  80. tom says:

    hello my dog doesn`t eat anything please help me soon

  81. Joan says:

    I hurt a great deal after giving this some thought. I was in a situation where I had to put my dog to sleep and didn’t want to do it but didn’t know what else to do for her. Death was imminent, and she was in a lot of pain. When my dog was put to sleep, she was lying flat on the floor and her eyes were closed, and this was her position when rigor mortis set in. I stayed with her a good half hour after rigor mortis set in. The vet talked me leaving my dog’s body with her and letting her “flash freeze” her body, to free me up until I could decide if I wanted to cremate her remains or bury her. I told the vet I thought I would bury her in my backyard. She implored me to let her keep my dog. She told me she would give me a coffin. She said they didn’t have any in stock but would be getting a shipment the next day. When I called the following day to see if they had received their coffins, the girl who answered the phone said they don’t carry coffins and didn’t know anything about that shipment. When i picked up my dog, my dog was sitting upright, her eyes were partially opened, a combination of drool and blood dripping from her mouth were flash frozen, her head was lowered. She looked like she was in so much pain. When I called the vet to ask her what she did to my dog, she replied she didn’t know and giggled for having been put on the spot. It occurred to me recently that she did something incredibly sinister and creepy to my dog that borders on satanism. What did this vet from Banfield Pet Hospital do to my dog? How could she legitimately have altered my dog’s position and expression after rigor mortis set in? Thank you.

    • Deanna Ming says:

      So sorry you and your dog went through this sad situation. I have no clue what your vet was practicing, but it should be reported to police and veterinarian boards in case something illegal needs to be addressed.

  82. Emily says:

    My cat ate boric acid and is throwing up. What do I do?

  83. Tara says:

    I have a dog with a spot that his hair falls out and the skin is different. it’s been like this for months but it doesn’t bother him. we don’t know what to put on it we can get hair to grow by putting hair growth stuff on it but as soon as we stop he loses it again. I have pics but do see a spot to upload them.

  84. Bria says:

    Hey I have a new puppy and recently she started to look like she has to constantly squat to go pee but she does not have to go pee she walk like that what do I do please help

  85. my dog is 9 years old and she is awsome i love her she can be lazy

  86. Melissa H. says:

    My 71 pound dog ate all six Interceptor de-wormer pills and is acting normal…but I am really scared and overwhelmed and wondering if I need to tae her into the vet ASAP. My vet is not answering right now so I am unsure what next step should be. Thanks!

  87. Gisell says:

    I Have A Hamster That At This Moment he keeps twitching(moving His Whole Body) and scratching his teeth together. Then He Would Stop For A Couple Minutes And Continue. I Feel Terrible i Have No Idea What To Do I Can See Shes In Pain Shes Crying Please Help!!**

  88. melinda says:

    i NEED advice on my female thats 64 days pregnant today.. she is showing very little signes of being pregnant, she is panting very little, still eating and playing, she is a large rottweiler and i cant see any puppies moving inside her… when should i take her to vet?

  89. Tarun rawat says:

    a yellow type material come out from cow eye .what is it ? And how we cure it plz rply soon as posible . Thank you

  90. Hitesh says:

    Hi I need urgent help, I have given 1panadol to street dog mixed with 3eggs 100ml milk & bread, my sister says the dog will die, please advise as I don’t want the dog to die.. hitesh

  91. Kate says:

    I have a Beagle he is 8 years old. Lately he has been uninterested in food. A few years ago we found some bumps on him and the last few months they have gotten bigger. He keeps stretching out his belly and has not been very energetic. I want to know if we should take him to the vet.

    • Gina says:

      Hi Kate, I would definitely recommend you consult a vet. If your dog does not behave as normal and you see rapidly growing masses its always worth being checked out.

      Early diagnosis is always best in these instances.


  92. MIS says:

    My pug is being referred to the dermatologist – I was wondering if anyone has anything we can try vet bills are getting very expensive.
    She constantly gets bacterial and fungal infections on her skin. We are on prescription dog food and vacuum daily and change the bedding twice a week. I am going to switch to dye free detergents this week – any other ideas? They are saying dust mites but these infections are BAD- she looses most of her hair.
    1- what should I use to bathe her
    2- what should I try for environmental
    3- I can not keep her away fro toilet paper, could this be causing this?
    HELP – my fur baby is miserable.

  93. my dog can’t eat, shivers but no signs of drooling, hides, walks disoriented, panting, and its been 2 days. What should I do?
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  94. Is this due to overheating (it’s 92 degrees where I live) or is something more serious at play? I hope it is good because I dont get paid till next month… Please giude me…

  95. I have a cat not eat well is it tips in order to know what the

  96. Hi I need urgent help, I have given 1panadol to street dog mixed with 3eggs 100ml milk & bread, my sister says the dog will die, please advise as I don’t want the dog to die.. hitesh

  97. sangbk says:

    My canine just began to dribble since yesterday he is dynamic yet is that ordinary Messenger Contact Review

  98. nick says:

    My pooch has tingled away his hair on his stomach, the skin is all red from him tingling it. There is was resembles a seed where he has been scratching. Should I be taking care of this? Viral Loop Review

  99. Cassandra says:

    My cat may have gotten into a fight with another cat in the neighborhood, my cat isn’t a fighter… And she seems to be limping abit and trying to avoid putting weight on her front left paw and she been limping (and when she’s sitting) and she try’s to avoid putting weight on her front paw and this been happening for four days and there’s nothing I can really see as to any visible wound and no claw that I can feel… What do I do? She’s only 2 years old

  100. my dog licks his stomach a lot.
    it is quite red. it seems to come and go.

  101. maida says:

    Hey! I’m Maida. Im really very worried about my new born kitten. My cat gave birth to 3 kittens about 30 hours ago. 2 of them are quit energetic and healthy they feed on their mom’s milk. But one of them is tinnier and weaker than the other two. It doesnt even feed on her mom’s milk. Im so worried about him. Please help me. How can I help him? he even has a patch of some sort of little injury over his left eye. It moves frequently and even says meow but he doesnt feed.

  102. My dachshound just hacked up two thin dark and chestnut worms and they were all the while moving. What sort of worm is it true that this is?? I’m exceptionally stressed she is just 4 years of age please offer assistance.

  103. Sanjay Rao says:

    I need urgent help. We rescued a cow with two broken legs. The cow is pregnant. People are advising that we put it down. But I want to give it a fair chance. Can any Vet help me. I can send the details.

  104. kasey jane says:

    Iv got a staffordshire i got given from a neighbour she had not been looked after propley and she needs chiped and and i live with my partner and she needs chipped he doesnt have proof of houseing benifits of council tax benifits and he doesnt get letters and woundering if i can get her done asap xx

  105. Kathy says:

    Can I give my dog ibuprofin?

  106. Megan says:

    I have a cavalier King Charles spaniel, about 2 weeks ago she all of a sudden cried in pain and was screeching, she couldn’t walk on her front leg. After a little while of resting she was ok. Tonight she woke up from a sleep and the same problem has happened. She’s limping but she’s not showing any sign of pain like she did last time. She is really struggling to move around because you can see she’s in agony with her leg. Please can you help me I hate seeing her in pain.

  107. Erick says:

    My dog ate a crescent small size as a golf ball but maybe 2 or 3 hours later she threw up twice I’m guessing 5 to 8 minutes apart. She seems fine now hasn’t thrown up but she trembles in her sleep when she inhales?

  108. Dana G says:

    Hi.My winter white dwarf x campbell’s dwarf hamster ia about 1 1/2 years old.She can’t move her right front leg very well and she can’t walk good..Vet said she may has a bone crack but I don’t think that’s the problem because she can move it but she hurts..please help me!!!

  109. becky says:

    English bI’ll dog 8yr old male. Multiple vomiting episode, unable to lay down,tremors, panting. Belly feels soft. Does not feel hot. Doesn’t appear that he got into anything. Vet or emergency room?

  110. My dachshound just hacked up two thin dark and chestnut worms and they were all the while moving. What sort of worm is it true that this is??webinar jeo review Complete Webinar Software – best webinar software

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  112. Hello, how can i make sure that my cat has cryptorchidism?

  113. Nazgol kamalian says:

    Hi , my dog (bijoux) is 14 years old terrior female .. She had tumor and had surgery about a month ago.. The tumor was under her hand .. But it came back 🙁 and the surgeon said she should has surgury again and we should cut her hand..but they never say if we do that she will be ok they say the tumor might come back we dont know.. So im confused what should i do!!! Some say with her age dont make her go through surgery and recovery again.. Plz some advice

  114. Brenda says:

    My puppy has dry spots at first i thought it was dandruff but now they got bigger and now loosing the hair with flakes also

  115. Menda Davis says:

    My pomerian is constipated and there is not a local vet. What can I do

  116. lance freedlund says:

    My kitty is 13. His belly has become quite large and is firm to the touch. He is in no pain, and still loves to eat, and seems to be pooping OK and no vomit. He gets no exercise, just lying around on

    • Random says:

      You should paly with feather toys and laser pointers, anything that gets him active and going. If he doesn’t play, purchase a harness and take him on a walk, if he still won’t get out of this state, call your veterinarian.

  117. Random says:

    Horizontal or vertical scratching post? witch is better?

  118. Dani says:

    My dog just passed today and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him before he left us. He’s been weak, distant, and vomiting grass. Won’t eat or drink anything and wouldn’t move. He had the green crusty stuff in his eyes a lot. But he just got up and crawled away to die. Can someone possibly tell me what was wrong with him so I can avoid this in the future? We thought he might have had rabies for a bit because of his attitude but it went away after a while.

  119. Cindy R says:

    My 12 year old black lab can’t put any weight on his rear paw. I can touch it but he looks like he’s in pain. I give him glucosamine. Is there something I can give/do for him? Baby aspirin?

  120. Dale E. says:

    My 7 yr old American Pitbull is losing hair, scratching,chewing, his skin on belly is red and irritated. We’ve done Hot spot treatment.Our other dog has no issues they are both inside dogs.

  121. april wright says:

    I have a 5 month old fox squirrel we are raising as a pet she is unrehabitable. My question is why does she rub her chin on everything?

  122. David says:

    My four year old cocker spaniel may have etten nontoxic paints it nontoxic for dogs also she is acting very lethargic

  123. YPG says:

    when my puppy breaths, it looks like it hurst him. He breaths heavy, and his stomach pushes in deep, while he lays, causing him to mildly shake. What could be the cause?

  124. Frank says:

    My 8week old puppy has suddenly started to limp on her back leg I never seen anything that could have coursed she’s not in pain no swelling or deformation to her leg she eats and sleeping well

  125. Sheilesh singh yumnam says:

    Greetings Sir,
    This is kinda emergency and i hope u looked upon this matter soon . It has been 2 days that pet rabbit is avoiding his food, specifically saying he is unable to consume leafy grasses, carrot and cabbage which are his daily food. but surprisingly he consumes oily food such as fried rice and meat etc. Well of course i have stop feeding him all those stuff still it worries me when he can’t consume his food. he tries too chew the grass but he just split it out . there is no defect in his teeth nor his mouth . i fear it is GI that stuck on it , so i would like to hear yur guidance and your advice to help this poor creature, which i don’t want him to suffer any longer

  126. Sheik says:

    Hello everyone i am just here to ask for advice about my dog…..the thing is my dog got ran over a day ago by a car and her legs were badly injured we found the driver who seem not to be guilty of his idiotic driving and when we asked him about taking the dog to a vet he just ignored us and said us to let our pup die what should i do i dont get any of this shit

  127. Eli says:

    My 2 year old Vizsla male has multiple bumps on top of his head. Some turn into scabs and minor hair loss so far. We switched to grainfree ( Authority® Grain Free Adult Dog Food – Chicken & Pea)and extra omega3/6 and fish oils. His brother shows no symptoms. What might be the cause?

  128. Tish says:

    Wht else can i do to get rid of flees. Nothing else works

  129. joanne says:

    My cat is three month going on 4 months over her pregantcey she has been to a vet for a check what Elles can i do

  130. Breanna says:

    My horse has a gash on her back right fetlock , Tuesday will be almost 2 weeks the equine hospital put sutures in an said by 3 weeks the bandage can come off an she can start hand walking the gash should be closing, right now it looks the same as when it happened it hasn’t started to close any where she had about 7 sutures she has pulled 2 at the top now everytime she lays down or shakes her leg it’s bleeds . Will it start to close? Should I call an ask the vet that did it ? When should I see it starting to close

  131. carmen coto says:

    my Chihuahua is vomiting for about 2 weeks. she had a bad cold and she is not able to bark. she is vomiting villys. what can that be. what happends when dogs leak the roach killer? are this the same simptoms.

  132. Angie says:

    I just noticed that my 1.5 year old beagle/springer mix has one dilated pupil and one that’s not. Is this an emergency?

  133. Sherry williams says:

    Sorry to messaging so late, i have a question my big girl will not walk on one leg and growls when she moves or try to move her. Yesterday my daughter told me she urinated on her floor but it was a trail of pee. This morning she was fine came home from work she was sitting on the couch and urinated again on the coach. I can’t afford a vet right now, please help me with any advice I don’t know what to do

  134. Peggy Hendrickson says:

    My kitten (6 months old) started throwing up last night. In the vomit was a worm. Alive and moving. I looked it up on line. It was a round worm. I will take him to the local veterinarian today. I was hoping to get some answers first. They are currently closed for lunch. I would like to know what kind of tests they will have to run? Do I need to take in both cats? Is there an actual cure? If he has them bad enough to be throwing them up is he going to die? Can people get them? Is this going to cost me a small fortune? I am very stressed out!

  135. Shez says:

    I hace 4 month old jack Russell cross Chihuahua that’s swallowed my ring

  136. James Jamal says:

    Has anyone ever experienced their dog dealing with Pancreatitis? My dog, a male 7yr old, Pomeranian recently passed. One day he’s completely fine the following day his health takes a turn for the worse. I take him to the vet that exact day. The vet checks my Pom. Gives blood work, x-Rays and ultra-sound. Vet tells me my dog has a serious case of Pancreatitis.

    What’s confusing is that I always fed him properly. Dog food only no table scarps or etc. I just don’t know?

  137. pritesh jadhav says:

    Hello my labrador is 9 months old and he is limping from last month,we consulted adoctor he told us that hes having calcium deficiency …we administered oral calcium but we are no seeing any result in him.So plz suggest something for him.

  138. Homer says:

    I want my doctor to treat my dog but he is sleeping.

  139. Joan Nordin says:

    Please see the attached picture of my 17 year old cat’s sore on her left upper chest skin.
    Her vet diagnosed it as a tumor and wants to take it off by surgery to have it diagnosed further by a lab.
    From my research I think it could be a flea bite that’s infected.
    Could you please give me your opinion?

  140. Joe says:

    There is shortage of Vets in my country. Can you please help me?

  141. John says:

    Hello, my dog has these wierd episodes sometimes where he flops back and forth uncontrollably on the floor. He stiffens up and literally flops like a fish. He flops into the furniture hitting his head on the tables and walls. It only last like a couple of minutes and then he just lays there panting and is always very hot to the touch. He’s about a 4 or 5 year old Pomeranian Chihuahua type dog. This is the second time this has happened since we have had him in the last 3 months. Is this a seizure or vertigo?

  142. Odette says:

    Good day. I want to buy a sphynx kitten. He is now 3 weeks old. His third eyelid shows on both eyes. Is it a problem?

  143. Jason says:

    I have a 23 pound small dog. He is a dachsund, black lab mix, 4.5 yrs old. He has been favoring his right rear paw, that is missing a digit, I think it’s a birth defect. It’s the outer digit. And that area of it is been bothering him the last couple weeks. He bites on it and lucks it a lot. Assuming it itches. I’ve looked at it a few times, I see no evidence of cuts, bleeding, swelling, etc. It is sensitive to him. He favors that foot as he walks or as he runs. Just wonding if I should get some hot spot spray, or something to try to give my little guy some relief. Any thoughts?

  144. RAVISH says:

    My dog has gone crooked legs straight How will

  145. satish says:

    Sir, My cow( 4 year old- 2nd delivery) got delivered on 5 days back. she secreted milk in udder. some milk also developed at naval(flank) part hanging like small bag. It gives milk 3L@2 times a day after delivery. Yesterday onwards, it won’t lie down, milk got decreased to 1.5 L due to long time standing. fodder intake also decreased. Is any serious problem. Any remedies/ relief tips. please.

  146. Stevie says:

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  148. Ashish Kumar says:

    I have a German Shepherd which is quite active and strong. It is growing by height but it is very skinny? What can i use for it? Any medicines?

  149. Angelina says:

    Hi, I am a student in high school who is interested in becoming a veterinarian. If any veterinarians could answer a few of my questions about their journey and career, I would very much appreciate it.

  150. I have a little dog that seems to be having trouble having bowel movements. Is there anything I can do or give him to make this task easier for him?

    • Justin says:

      You can give him some mineral oil (a teaspoon) mixed in with his food for the meal of the day. This should help create a bowel movement as I had to use this method on my 21 year old rat terrier.

  151. IM says:

    My cat may have gotten into a fight with another cat in the neighborhood, my cat isn’t a fighter… And she seems to be limping abit and trying to avoid putting weight on her front left paw and she been limping (and when she’s sitting) and she try’s to avoid putting weight on her front paw and this been happening for four days and there’s nothing I can really see as to any visible wound and no claw that I can feel… What do I do? She’s only 2 years old

  152. Martin Podvojsky says:

    I took my 2yr old cat to the veterinarian this week because he wasn’t eating anything. They diagnosed him with both feline AIDS and leukemia and said I should kill him. I didn’t but expect he will die soon from that stuff and because he isn’t eating anything. Is there anything I can give him to get his appetite back?

  153. Lorelei Wydra says:

    How do you know a duck in a egg is alive

  154. Dawn Jackson says:

    My 11 yr old English setter has been acting strangely. He is restless at night, tired often, the whites of his eyes are often times bright red. He has always had some separation anxiety(peeing on the floor when we leave) but this seems worse now. He doesn’t seem to want to be bothered by me. He goes to bed by himself when before he always was by my side till bedtime. He will stay inside when I’m outside(also something new.

  155. My 11 yr early English setter has been acting abnormally. He is eager during the evening, tired regularly, the whites of his eyes are in many cases brilliant red. He has dependably had some partition anxiety(peeing on the floor when we leave) however this appears to be more regrettable at this point. He wouldn’t appear to like to be irritated by me. He goes to bed independent from anyone else when before he generally was close by till sleep time. He will remain inside when I’m outside(also something new.

  156. Hillarie S says:

    My cat seems to be having trouble using her litter box. She routinely urinates in it but defecating seems to be her trouble spot. While I’ve seen the remnants of her feces when I clean the box, at night when I am at home she shows no desire to be in her box, acting almost afraid of it. The litter is clean, the box itself is clean, there is no residual odor, I’ve moved the box to the different spot she wants to poop, and I’ve used cat attract litter additive. She isn’t constipated. Her stool is actually quite soft, but just very smelly. I am at a lost of what to do since this behavior comes and goes almost randomly. Should I cut out her wet food? She only gets a bit of it in the evenings and the rest of the day she eats dry food that’s formulated for indoor cats. Any advice?

  157. Jonhn Doe says:

    My cat seems to be having trouble using her litter box. She routinely urinates in it but defecating seems to be her trouble spot. While I’ve seen the remnants of her feces when I clean the box, at night when I am at home she shows no desire to be in her box, acting almost afraid of it. The litter is clean, the box itself is clean, there is no residual odor, I’ve moved the box to the different spot she wants to poop, and I’ve used cat attract litter additive. She isn’t constipated. Her stool is actually quite soft, but just very smelly. I am at a lost of what to do since this behavior comes and goes almost randomly. Should I cut out her wet food? She only gets a bit of it in the evenings and the rest of the day she eats dry food that’s formulated for indoor cats. Any advice?
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  158. How do you know a duck in a egg is alive

  159. Katherine says:

    We have 3 dogs, and feeding is a nightmare. We have an elderly dachshund whose teeth are falling out and needs soft food, an adult Yorky, who has pancreas issues and special dietary needs, and a 7-mth.-old husky puppy. Keeping the husky from eating the yolkie’s food, and vice versa is a huge challenge. Is there ONE non-prescription dog food that will meet all the dogs’ needs economically?

  160. john says:

    hello i have a question for you guys i have a hamster and i think she swallowed a little bit of glue, she was chewing on the end of the popsicle stick for a couple seconds and i pulled it out of her mouth and i think it had glue that she ate what should i do

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  161. Michael says:

    OK 6 wk mastiff puppies, vomiting diarrhea inappetance (for the most part) fecals have been run, Parvo test have been done, negative. Have taken albon, strongid regiments. Still have diarrhea and vomiting on cerenia 16mg 1/2t sid, and pro-pectalin 1cc tid. One went unresponsive and tried to die this a.m. strange thick amber colored gel consistant fluid came out of nose. Gave the “baby shake” and more came out. Puppies then started to breathe easier, still unreaponsive. After all the medicine and constant trips to rD.V.M. what could we be missing?

  162. I have a little dog that seems to be having trouble having bowel movements.

  163. David white says:

    I have a pit-mix.the white thing down in the bottem corner of his eye is now very red & staying 1/4 to 1/2 covering his eye. WHY? & what could cause this 2 happin?

  164. elizabeth says:

    my dog ate a glow stick

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  174. MIGUEL Rodriguez says:

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  176. william hardin says:

    My 25 lb dog just ate the flea pill ment for my 100 lb dog any issues and do i need to worry.

  177. Michelle Addison says:

    Is it possible for tap water to cause diahrea is my puppy.its only my girl puppy and its only after she drinks a good bit of water ita like we have her taking go easy for the next couple hours

  178. Miranda says:

    My two dogs ate brownies and cookies out if a bowl someone left on the table. 3 brownies and 3 to 4 cookies. Lil bit is a chiuhua and she is almost one. Stella is a terrior mix and she is about 2. What should i do. I dont have the money to take them to a vet at the moment

  179. Jessica says:

    7 1/2 week okd puppy bite in face by our other dog which is 6 years. 2 small wounds no longer bleeding. Cleaned out. However experiencing pain when ear is touched. Yelping. Able to drink. Please help i need advice. Cannot go to vet til Friday. Puppy is now calmed down and sleeping.

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  181. Alexis says:

    My cat is constantly scratching at the sides of her neck and 2 bald spots are forming on each side. However, she has no visible skin problems and never goes outside.

  182. Daniel says:

    My horse has a green nose discharge. And she’s not eating or drinking. Plus, she has a back leg limp

  183. Koda Burnett says:

    My cat, Jiro, is behaving like my female cat did when she was in heat, even though Jiro is a male. And he has drool-looking stuff around his mouth

  184. Violet says:

    My dog is a little over a year old he hurt his pawl a few months ago now he his shirving no stop, throwing up, drooling I don’t know what I can do

  185. Kelly says:

    Hi, three weeks ago my kitten had poop leakage issue and feces would pile up on his legs and tail for up to two days before I wash him off, because I didn’t want to shower him too often. He doesn’t have the leakage issue anymore and he’s been kept clean for weeks, but his leg and tail areas are bald. Is this because of bacterial infection from feces? Can it be treated?

  186. Vlad says:

    Please give me some advice. My dog has a false cheek after estrus. Milk is secreted from the mammary glands. A pyometra was found in the uterus, and the uterus and ovaries had to be sterilized. More than a month has passed since the operation. But milk is still released from the mammary glands. The milk has been released for about 5 months. The mammary glands have a small nodule about 1 cm. How can you stop lactation and resolve the nodules on the mammary glands? What medications can cure my dog?

  187. Dave says:

    I need help, my cat is panting like crazy

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