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Cat Breeds

Welcome to Web-DVM’s cat breed page.  Please make use of our free database of cat breed profile articles to learn about your cat, or simply aid you in picking out the most appropriate cat breed as your personal companion or family pet.  More articles are regularly added, so please feel free to check back often to learn more.

Abyssinian Javanese Turkish Angora
American Bobtail Korat Turkish Van
American Curl LaPerm
American Shorthair Maine Coon
American Wirehair Manx
Balinese Norwegian Forest Cat
Birman Ocicat
Bombay Oriental
British Shorthair Persian
Burmese RagaMuffin
Chartreux Ragdoll
Colorpoint Shorthair Russian Blue
Cornish Rex Scottish Fold
Devon Rex Selkirk Rex
Egyptian Mau Siamese
European Burmese Siberian
Exotic Shorthair Singapura
Himalayan Somali
Havana Brown Sphynx
Japanese Bobtail Tonkinese


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