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Drinking Excessively Dog

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21 thoughts on “Drinking Excessively Dog

  1. Greg says:

    We adopted our dog from shelter at 6wks. He is now going on 2yrs. He is a boxer/great Dane mix. Very large dog. Since day one he has never had a normal stool. Always soft to runny sometimes has blood in it. Been to vets and put on special diets and various prescription foods. No change. He also drinks a lot of water. Other than that he is very active and normal. Good appetite although he sometimes vomits after he eats. Vet we’ve been seeing can’t seem to figure out the cause of this. Seems like he is pooping more frequently lately too. Any suggestions?

  2. ofuama gareth says:

    My 4 months old boerboel suddenly stopped eating, excessive drinking of water and couldn’t stand with hind limbs. Though, he manage to play with other dogs as part of their morning routine but ones inside, he find it difficult to stand and always lies with his belly on the ground.

  3. Sandi says:

    Our beagle is 11 and he is drinking excessive we have always living in the extreme south weather but it is getting worst. His appetite is the same but seems to be slowing down. Money is tight we didi have senior blood panel done and Bactria found in the bladder on antibiotic. Concerned in Florida

  4. Cheryl ramuar says:

    My dog is losings her fur and skin is turning black

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