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French Bulldog

The French Bulldog got its start, believe it or not, in England, where a smaller version of the bulldog was bred. During the industrial revolution when some English lace workers went to France to find work, they took these smaller bulldogs with them. Breeders in France liked the little bulldogs and decided to breed them to the French terriers, giving them a new look. These new dogs became very popular with the French people and were called the French Bulldog. When the dogs were taken to England, the English were not with the name, after all, the bulldog was an English breed and considered an English cultural symbol.

As the popularity of the French Bulldog grew, it became a favorite of Royalty; it is seen in paintings of King Edward VII and members of the Russian royal family. Because of their loyalty, watchdog and guardian qualities its popularity with the French grew. Eventually some American tourists took some back home with them.

If not for the objections of the American breeders, the large ears of the French Bulldog would have been bred out. The breeders objected on the grounds it would just make them a miniature bulldog. Now its distinctive large bat ears are a standard for the breed.

The French Bulldog is very devoted, sweet, playful and affectionate and he usually bonds strongly with one person. He is also bright, easy going, curious and alert, but he needs a lot of companionship and will not thrive without it. This bouncy, happy little dog is an excellent dog for people looking for a great personality and lots of love!

Height: up to 12 in.

Weight: up to 28 lbs

Size: small

Lifespan: 10-12 years


  • Excellent guardian and watchdog
  • Great little companion
  • Little grooming needed
  • Good for apartment living
  • Good dog for the elderly
  • Low dominance
  • Average barker


  • Very active indoors
  • Not good with other dogs
  • Not recommended for novice owners
  • Sensitive to climate extremes
  • Can not swim because of its build
  • Prone to weight gain that can cause wheezing and snoring
  • Because of large heads, may need cesarean


By: Linda Eastabrooks

Former AKC Breeder


French Bulldog

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