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Itchy Skin Dog

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18 thoughts on “Itchy Skin Dog

  1. Brianna Elrod says:

    My dog Bones is a Lab Chow Mix. He’s a known licker, but not to this extreme. He has sores, scabs, and red spots throughout his body. Mostly where he can lick it. He also chews and scratches himself silly. He’s scratched his underbelly so much that he’s almost taken one of his nipples off. He doesn’t have any fleas and he’s not having (at least I think) a bad reaction to the food because we’ve changed his diet to something totally different. He is fine when he isn’t thinking about itching i.e. playing with us, our other dog, and sleeping. He does get his exercise as well so he’s not doing this out of boredom.

  2. Cissy says:

    My dog has a fever with bloody patches that are spreading on his body mostly face and feet and is extremely lethargic

  3. Silly me says:

    For the second time in my dogs life, now 11 years old, he has flaky skin, and you can feel the scabs and sores on his skin. The first time it took me a while to work out what it was. So the second time it was easy to work out. It is his food. I had moved him to James Wellbeloved following an on line recommendation and for years he has been great. I decided to treat him over Xmas with some cesar gourmet meals. he has had about 8 days worth, just one tub each day and his kromal portion of JWB for tea. But that has been enough to make him low, depressed looking, each, spotty and breathless. So it is just for advice really for anyone who is searching for problems like this. The first time by vet was going to get him on to meds for life. But there was no need. And the other thing I have noticed, when he gets like this, I get breathing difficulties too. So it is in my own interested to get him well again ASAP. Hope this helps someone

  4. Silly me says:

    I mean Cissy! HVe you changed your hogs food recently.

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