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Limping Dog 10+ Years Rear No Trauma

Be sure to check between your dog’s paw pad webbing to make certain there are no thorns, grass spurs, or other foreign objects lodged there. If you do not find anything there, then please refer to these following possible causes for your dog’s limping based on the history you provided:

Hip dysplasia
Medially luxating patella
Cranial cruciate ligament rupture

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One thought on “Limping Dog 10+ Years Rear No Trauma

  1. Kenny Smith says:

    10 year old mix of possibly blood hound, German shepherd or lab. Started limping 2 months ago. Started supplements. Now won’t out weight in it at all. Today is the first time she knuckled over and walked on it. X-rays suggested no cancer while another
    Vet was shocked they couldn’t see the cancer in the hip. I forget the exact term they used to describe bone. She hasn’t really lost appetite but does lay around all day except to eat, drink, and go out to pee/poop.
    Just noticed a yellow or pale/yellow strip about 2-3 inches on her gun (lower left if matters). I’ve read about myelopathy and thought maybe that was it but she doesn’t have more than a few symptoms of that. She had lost weight especially at hips.

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