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Lumps Cat 10- Years

Which of the following images best matches the mass(es) you are seeing on your cat?


15 thoughts on “Lumps Cat 10- Years

  1. Debra Hughell says:

    What are is growths? None of the above photos resemble my cat’s growths. He has 2. I have to rub the skin areas a while to feel the difference in skin depth. They seem to have no detectable visual appearance. Growths are flat and oval, maybe 1/2″ long, with normal hair growth. They are both between the brisket neck areas, one on each side. He doesn’t seem bothered by them.

    Last summer he had just the one growth and I showed it to the vet. She didn’t have a clue but said if he grows more bring him back. The onset of the first one was maybe nine mo.s ago. Neither seem to have become thicker or larger.

    He takes Rimaydl (1/4th pill every 3rd day) and Cosequin for hip dysplasia. I stopped having the blood test done annually because I can’t afford it and if the med does become toxic, I can’t afford the treatment. Without the meds, he’s so stiff and moans a lot. He can moan a lot anyway. Maybe it is one of his “purring” sounds, but he sounds like he’s in pain, regardless of when the dosage was given. Flea protectant is applied monthly – Easy Spot (???name).

    He does get an annual exam and shots are always up to date. He’s always eaten Purina Indoor food, cat nip, and snacks like: Purina canned food; green pepper membranes, tomatoes and potatoes (he lived on his own during for about the first six months, in an Hispanic neighborhood). Sometimes I give him “Tuna Time”-just the water from the can of tuna and “Party Mix” cat treats. He throws up easily, drinks a lot and is very playful.

    He’s a very long and tall cat, weighing about 11 lbs. His “Twiggy” Vet always says he’s overweight, but he sure doesn’t look it. Lately, his hair began shedding. The indoor home temp is between 65 and 69 degrees year-round. So, it seems odd to me that he is shedding already. He’s mostly an indoor cat who lives near the Mississippi River, in east central Iowa. When outdoors, he is mostly a scaredy-cat, hiding behind the bushes or gorges himself on lawn grass.

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