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Night Pacing Dog 10+ Years

Pacing at night and sleeplessness can be the result of abnormal sleep/wake cycles brought on by abnormal hormonal fluctuations in intact females. In intact males, sleeplessness can arise if there one or more intact females in heat within a 2 mile radius that he picks up the scent of. Spaying and neutering will often help these phenomena. In this age range, sleep/wake cycles can also be affected in this manner as the result of the diseases listed below. If you still seek further information, please visit our
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Canine cognitive dysfunction
Cushings disease

18 thoughts on “Night Pacing Dog 10+ Years

  1. Constance Clarizia says:

    Our dog Murphy began sleeping facing the wall, overly affectionate, going in and out in the heat, and standing in one spot for an extended period of time.
    Took him to vet and we were told it wasn’t a stroke and there didn’t appear to be any neurological deficits.
    All bloodwork came back WNL
    He was put on an anti inflammatory and doxycycline. We thought we saw an improvement but 3 days later the symptoms reappeared.
    Something’s not right please help

    • Rx says:

      It sounds like early stage canine cognitive dysfunction. The symptoms aren’t always incredibly obvious in earlier stages and can be tied to other diseases, this can be hard to diagnose until symptoms became more severe.

      I hope that I’m wrong. Good luck.

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