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Night Pacing Puppy

At this age, pacing at night can be the result of abnormal sleep/wake cycles brought on by hormonal development and fluctuations. Spaying and neutering will often help this phenomenon, however, spay and neuter prior to 6 months of age is not recommended. “Colic” from intestinal parasites is another reason a dog this age may have sleeplessness and evening anxiety. Please see the article below on this disease. If you still seek further information, please visit our
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Intestinal parasites

22 thoughts on “Night Pacing Puppy

  1. Mike Rowland says:

    8 month old Lab got out earlier. We couldn’t find him after several hours we hadn’t found him. My wife got up a couple hours ago and noticed he was in the carport back and is pacing in fast circles around the car and will not stop, come to me, and will barely acknowledge me. We attempted to give him sandwich meat he loves and water and won’t acknowledge its even there and continues to pant and is pacing in circles quickly continuously? I believe he’s gotten into into something he shouldn’t have. I don’t see any signs of injury?? We’ve tried to call a couple of vets with no luck @ this point. PLEASE HELP!

  2. Mike Rowland says:

    It posted the time wrong it’s 2:25 am here now

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