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Paralysis Weakness Dog

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18 thoughts on “Paralysis Weakness Dog

  1. Diane says:

    My Tippy is 12 years old. Declining rapidly. His most recent weight loss was quick. We changed his dog food to a much more better brand and for seniors. So we thought it was the dog food that helped him loose weight, but now not so sure, today he has been sleeping most of the time. Very slow to walk when I have had him out to pot. Will not eat anything nor will he drink any water. He is not the kind of dog to eat not food items or get in the trash. He doesn’t eat poo or anything like that. He has had no fever, I have been monitoring that all day. Even when I have spooned water into his mouth, he just lets it dribble out. He still responds to me, and gets a wag or to in with his tail when I’ve sit by him and pet him. Is it just his time? So so sad right now.

    • Diane says:

      By the way. We know it’s not the dog food. As he was declining befor the switch and he has been on his new dog food for about 3 months now. Was vet recommended. To switch him to blue buff

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