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Paralysis Weakness Dog 1-5 Years

Partial paralysis and weakness can look very similar, even to a trained eye. Partial paralysis typically results in a very unsteady gait, falling down, and/or knuckling over of the paws.

Weakness is usually more associated with a tendency for the dog to sit or lay down frequently during what is typically normal activity. The ability to go up stairs or get up from a lying position is often impaired with general weakness.

Complete paralysis results in complete inability to use the limbs at all, and in severe cases, there may be no sensation to touch.

Based on these general criteria, would your best guess be that your dog is experiencing weakness or paralysis?

17 thoughts on “Paralysis Weakness Dog 1-5 Years

  1. aileen kavanagh says:

    my 4 year old springer spaniel presented at my vets with a cough and limp on one rear leg…he was given pain killers, steroids and cream for a ‘hotspot’ on his neck and i was told he may have kennel cough which wasnt bad and also dermatitis and a possible cruciate ligament tear?! 2 weeks later he could not walk on his opposite rear leg and had diarrhea with lots of blood…vet said his rash should have cleared and hadnt and kept him on a drip for the day plus xrayed his hips and legs..i was told his xrays werent very clear but he possibly had cruciate ligament tear in both hind legs now and to bring him back next day for iv fluids and i had 4 different meds to give him to begin right away..i was told he would be fine and would walk normally again..during the night my dog passed more blood and by morning he couldnt move his whole back end..after trying to get him up and calling vet 4 or 5 times he agreed to come to my house(gave me valium to give my dog before he called)he arrived with his nuse and got my dog up and tried walk him but he collapsed on his back legs so my vet decided it was a burst disc and said the kindest thing to do was put him to sleep…absolutely devestated and feel like no definite answers as to what happened or why it was so severe and quick!! i feel after much research my dog may have had tick disease..can you help me please?

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