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The Pomeranian started out in the Artic, with a genetic link to other dogs in the Spitz family (Samoyed, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, etc.) The Pomeranian was a much larger dog then, used as a sled dog. The Artic explorers brought the dogs to Germany to an Area called Pomerania, where the Germans used it as a herding dog. Eventually taken to Europe by a Pomeranian fiancé of King George III. The Royal interest continued with Queen Victoria breeding several of them.

PomeranianThe Pomeranian was a large dog as recently as the mid 1900s, weighing as much as 35 lbs. While the dog was well liked, it was considered too large, so attempts were made to breed it to a smaller size. The smaller size was an instant success as the fluffy coat and personality stayed the same. In 1888 Queen Victoria went to Italy and brought back the new version of the breed named Marco. Marco was so popular that the people wanted their own little “Pomeranians.”

Today the breed has changed greatly from those brought back from the Artic. Now, considerably smaller, it has spread around the world, now one of the most popular small breeds in America today.

The Pomeranian is a highly dominant, fairly independent, fairly aggressive little dog. Usually good with other pets, is not recommended in family’s with small children.


  • Good for novice owners
  • Good watchdog
  • Makes a loyal companion
  • Good for apartment living
  • Very little exercise needed
  • No yard needed


  • Shed constantly
  • Regular grooming is required
  • Very active indoors
  • Likes to bark
  • Susceptible to patella luxation, heart and skin problems, gum disease ( that can cause early loss of teeth) and eye infections.


By: Linda Eastabrooks

Former AKC Breeder


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