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One of the oldest breeds dating back to over a thousand years to the 10th century, Vizslas were a favorite of the Asiatic tribes and were taken with them as hunting dogs into central Europe. First seen in Hungarian etchings dating back a thousand years, they were drawn with Hungarian Magyar tribesmen and their falcons. The Vizsla or Hungarian Pointer, descended from the Transylvania hound and the now extinct Turkish Yellow hound, and several types of pointers. The word Vizsla in Hungarian means “pointer”. With an excellent nose, they are great retrievers and small game and bird hunters. Seen as an asset to hunters, they were treated with great care. In a 14th century Hungarian law manuscript was a chapter on nobility with a picture of a Vizsla with a nobleman. A favorite with the early Barons and War Lords, many old Hungarian heroes had Vizslas which enhanced its reputation as a breed for the elite. This also helped preserve the breed.


The Vizsla nearly became extinct after World War I, but were saved by a few Hungarians that built the breed up again. Later, when the Russians took over Hungary after World War II, Hungarians were afraid the Russians would kill off all the Vizslas, because owning one was a symbol of the aristocracy. Some were smuggled out of Hungary into Austria and other England.

At 22-24 inches high for males, and 21-23 inches for females, average weight around 50 pounds, they can live for 12-15 years. Vizslas are good tracking,hunting,retrieving pointing, loving companion dogs. They also make very good watch dogs.


  • Good with children, other pets and dogs.
  • Easy to train.
  • Average barker
  • Average shedder
  • Moderately active indoors
  • Little grooming needed


  • Known to be chewers
  • Needs a lot of human companionship
  • Vigorous daily exercise needed
  • Not recommended for apartment living
  • Not recommended for novice owners

Medical problems: Hip dysplasia


By: Linda Eastabrooks

Former AKC Breeder


One thought on “Vizsla

  1. wyatt says:

    One of the best breeds for those who love loyal, smart,and affectionate dogs. Our Vizsla, has suffered many skin related allergies which have made him miserable..chronic scratching, side effects of expensive medications, allergy shots etc., he is one of the best dogs I have owned but think potential owners need to be aware of this common problem in this breed

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