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Vomiting Dog 10+ Years Undigested Food Nonpainful Belly

Based on the answers you provided, the Web-DVM Symptom Checker has determined that the following are possible causes for your dog’s vomiting. Please read the Web-DVM articles for more information on these diseases. If you still seek further information, please visit our
Ask The Vet page to submit a one on one consultation with a licensed veterinarian 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

GI Foreign Body Obstruction
Inflammatory bowel disease
Kidney failure
Pyloric Stenosis

*At this age, cancer of the gut must also be considered as a possible cause for vomiting. Web-DVM currently does not have an article on cancer of the gut. A dog this age should always be seen by a veterinarian in any case of sustained vomiting

17 thoughts on “Vomiting Dog 10+ Years Undigested Food Nonpainful Belly

  1. Marnie T says:

    11(?) year-old spayed 40lb mixed breed had vomiting issues about 3 weeks ago. Vet did ultrasound and bloodwork, came back clear. Did 2 weeks of antiobiotics. Urination normal, doesn’t have diarrhea. Has been eating bland chicken or similar food for 3-4 weeks. Tail wagging, mood seems fine and eating fine but threw up again yesterday after a week with no incidents, breath smelled like urine last night and threw up again this morning. Now seems okay, ate and drank this morning.

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