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Vomiting Dog 5-10 Years Bile Mucus Painful Belly

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GI Foreign body obstruction

One thought on “Vomiting Dog 5-10 Years Bile Mucus Painful Belly

  1. Ed says:

    Here’re the symptoms my dog has. She’s about 9 years old, Staffordshire Terrier. All of a sudden she vomited late one evening. That was food and mucus. Over the next 18 hours, she has vomited on and off again, each time being less and less mucus and seems to be more water.

    She has continued to drink water and urinate. She just knows ate food for the first time and as of know has, knock on wood, kept it down for 4Hrs 23minutes+.

    The only other symptoms she has had is her hair would raise up after she vomited and stay up pretty much all the time, but in little forms of bumps or tufts.

    No hair loss. Lack of energy, sleepiness.
    I’ve given her 2 doses of 5ml children’s benedryl and doesn’t seem to really do too much. She weighs in at approx. 50lbs which I know that the dose is too low, but her usual reaction in the past to Benedryl is sensitive. (meaning if I give her a full dose, she’s in a coma.)

    Any ideas would be helpful?

    If her progress worsens I’ll obviously go to the Vet’s office, but her progress seems to be better just very slow improvements.


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