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Vomiting Puppy Bile Mucus Nonpainful Belly

Based on the answers you provided, the Web-DVM Symptom Checker has determined that the following are possible causes for your puppy’s vomiting. Please read the Web-DVM articles for more information on these diseases. If you still seek further information, please visit our
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Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Instestinal parasitism
Corona Virus

3 thoughts on “Vomiting Puppy Bile Mucus Nonpainful Belly

  1. Angela says:

    My Chihuahua suddenly started vomiting mucus and fluids. No blood or foul smell. No fever or pain. Will drink sugar water, but won’t eat. Gave wormer, but vomited it up. Not the water as frequently. She keeps vomiting masses of mucus we can’t get her to spit out. Trying to pull them out, but they chews them back down. She tries to hide ALOT. We keep her close to tend to her. The vets closed, and no ER nearby… need help until morning. Please! She’s only 7 months old. Idk if she’s had her shots, we just got her…

  2. Nita says:

    My son’s puppy is vomiting both undigested food and bile, not either or.

  3. Denise Bergquist says:

    9 week old puppy playful and eatting just congested and throws up clear fluid is this part of the recovery process been on antibiotics for 11 days so far

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