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27 thoughts on “Terms of Use

  1. max says:

    My dog died last night.2-7-16 at 9:01. He was friendly but acted tired all day. Around 8:00 I could tell something was wrong. We gave him a crushed aspirin. Around 8:50 He was kicking, foaming at the mouth, convulsion like he was being electrocuted, his eyes rolled back and his head bent backward between his shoulders. What do you think he died of?
    He was a blue healer mix. I have a video but I don’t know how to send it?
    I’m so sad; I’ve had him before our kids moved off. I can’t sleep or eat. Please tell me what you think killed him

    • Chris says:

      I know this was over a year ago, but just for future incidents this sounds like an MDR1 reaction, which is a fairly common genetic disease in herding dogs. common medications such as ivermectin (antiparasitic medication) do not get pumped out of cells normally causing the symptoms you described.

  2. Essay Camp says:

    Thank you guys, now instead of going to the vet I can just consult with you.


      uhh.. I’m pretty sure all the vets on here would tell you that, this is NOT a replacement for veterinary care . It is for supplementary information only. You are doing a disservice and quite possibly harming your dog if you deny him veterinary care when it’s needed.

  3. Sandy Barnett says:

    Roscoe (Sharpei-American Pitbull) mix turns on Sept 9, 2019. I have a couple inquiries? Should I switch him to adult dog food, can he eat babyback rib bones and he’s around 45-50lbs, is that a good weight?

  4. Sandy Barnett says:

    Roscoe will be 1 year old. Thought I was asking for a response, not just making a comment.

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