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Disease preventive nutrition

Dear Listeners, Readers, and Viewers:

Tonight I will be talking about an important – and way overdue – trend in veterinary medicine, disease preventive nutrition. To segue into this topic, I have made my best effort in recent episodes to dispel myths about certain unsubstantiated notions about diets in pets, that grain free, preservative free, and expensive does not necessarily translate to a well balanced, species appropriate, and life stage appropriate diet (see my Looking for the Right Pet food episode) and that corn is not the root of all disease in dogs and cats (see my Cornphobia episode). Once pet owners are able to let go of these erroneous but frustratingly prevalent notions about pet nutrition and accept an approach to pet nutrition that is based in intensive scientific research and quantifiable and closely scrutinized feeding trials, then they will be poised to really digest what I have to offer them in this episode. To the rest that reject a practicing veterinarian’s views on pet nutrition and quantifiable scientific research with strict oversight, in lieu of pet forum fodder and unsubstantiated claims made my people with no animal medical background, there is no amount of convincing I can do to change their minds. Despite high powered telescopes clearly showing footprints, the lunar rover, and a planted American flag on the Moon, there are still those that insist on believing that the Moon landing was faked. 🙁

For those of you ready to feed diets that are geared toward preventing the 5 most common health concerns of dogs and cats, this may be the most important episode of your pets’ lives. So please tune in so that you can be poised to start 2013 by putting your pets on the path of wellness through nutrition.

Thanks as always for caring about what I have to say. 🙂


Roger Welton, DVM

Episode talking points:

1) Pet wellness and health all starts with nutrition.
2.) The Hills Corporation has identified the 5 most prevalent health concerns in dogs and cats, and formulated diets to address these concerns before they arise.
3/) This new approach to pet nutrition is known as disease preventive nutrition.
4.) The diet is a veterinary exclusive line of diet called Science Diet Healthy Advantage.
5.) Healthy Advantage for cats supports optimal health with regard to teeth, immune system, GI, skin and hair coat, and urinary tract.
6.) Health Advantage for dogs supports optimal health with regard to teeth, immune system, GI, skin and hair coat, and mobility (joint health).

Dr. Roger Welton is the President and chief veterinarian at Maybeck Animal Hospital in West Melbourne Florida, as well as CEO of the veterinary advice and health management website

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