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Dr. Roger’s Holistic Veterinary Care


Dr Roger Holistic Veterinary Care

Natural health and healing for dogs and cats.

As many of my readers, listeners, and viewers are aware, I practice a brand of veterinary medicine called integrative medicine. Integrative medicine refers to direct treatment of disease in traditional western fashion, but with a strong emphasis on nutritional and holistic support of the body to reduce dependence on medications that often come with unwanted side effects. In short, I utilize traditional western medicine to control pain and stabilize the patient – stop the madness so to speak – but encourage my clients to engage in holistic management to wean the patient off of medication.  I also encourage a strong emphasis on nutritional preventive care in combination with nutritional healing (called nutraceutical healing).

As an integrative practitioner for the past several years, I became acutely aware of the biggest problem with the field of holistic medicine and nutraceutical approach to treatment of disease and disease prevention: complete lack of regulation and oversight.  Since holistic and nutraceutical products do not fall within the jurisdiction of the USDA or FDA, there is no governing body that ensures the quality, integrity, safety, or efficacy of these products. As a result, a product label of a natural or holistic product can make all kinds of claims without anyone to prove that the claims are substantiated or that the product even has the ingredients it claims. 

A perfect example of this was a recent study of joint health products sold in pet stores, which determined that 3 out of 4 products did not have the ingredients as per their label claims. A number of these products did not have any joint health constituents at all!  This was as eye astonishing as it was appalling.

The other troubling side of the holistic/natural pet care industry is the countless products that make all kinds of claims, but will not disclose any clinical data or even ingredients under the guise of protecting trade secrets. They use statements like “our unique proprietary blend,” or “our patented formula,” etc. Refer to my recent expose of a product called Nuvet for more on this.

In response to this, I decided to launch my own holistic/natural veterinary care website, complete with a product line called Dr. Roger’s Holistic Veterinary Care. In creating my line of products, my primary goals were:

  1. All of the products are pharmaceutical grade, manufactured by a prominent veterinary pharmaceutical with a long-established reputation for quality control.
  2. 100% transparency – All product ingredients are listed both at the website (see below) and on each product label.
  3. All product claims are substantiated through clinical trials which are public information. 

I invite all pet owners to visit my site by clicking on the image at the top of this page and begin you pet’s path to natural healing and health.


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  1. my old pug ate a hand warmer and he has been really sick with very foul gas and jet black stools. i gave him some pepto bismo. can i give him zantac or prilocec?
    or what would you suggest?

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