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Halloween is not just for kids!

One of my favorite aspects of Halloween is seeing the dogs (and sometimes cats), dressed in costumes. The best one I saw this year was a golden retriever dressed up as Shrek! Unfortunately, as fun as the doggy and kitty costumes are for us, I have yet to see a dog or cat actually enjoy its costume, but instead observe tolerance at best. It is almost comical as we humans laugh and so enjoy the pet costumes, while in costume, our pets look at us as if we were either insane, sadists, or both for making them where the get-ups we put them in.

That being said, as long as the costumes are not painful or overly restrictive in any way, I see nothing wrong with our furry little friends sacrificing a few hours sporting unwanted garments in exchange for the great photos and memories it will provide their owners indefinitely. It sure makes Halloween that much more enjoyable for my family!

Thanks for the sacrifice Bernie, Lulu, and Bear! Seeing you in your costumes was priceless!

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