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Live Call-in Show Wednesday 8/11/2010 9PM EST: What discount veterinary clinics mean for your pet

Live call-in number 1-877-878-1435

In this episode:

**12 days until a the new season of The Web-DVM begins***

-“Marinating” cat now off the menu for good! Don’t miss the incredible story of Navarro the cat!

-Prescott Valley – Arizona Puppies born in back of police car.

-What discount veterinary clinics mean for your pet Information you need to know before committing your pet to so called “discount” veterinary clinics

Listen via podcast live or archived here:

Blog Talk Radio

Watch via streaming video live or archived here:

Discount Vet Clinics? – Broadcast your self LIVE

Bonus Content

Photo of Navarro, now Oliver, the cat, safe in his new loving home

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