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Lost Cat Found After 3 Years – Because Of A Microchip

Ian and Sarah Hawley had lost their beloved kitty, Kofi, 3 years ago, following his disppearance from their Nottingham, England home. According to a report by British newspaper, Evening Star 24, after 3 years of not having found any sign of Kofi and now living in a different in a different town altogether, Kofi was picked up after having been reported as a stray to the RSPCA in Ipswich, an astounding 140 miles away from his original home. The RSPCA inspector who recovered the kitty, was able to find his owners because of a microchip they had him injected with when they originally adopted him.

Mr. and Mrs. Hawley had adopted Kofi along with his brother Ted from the RSPCA in 2006 when they were both 9 months old, and were elated to have their cherished companion back. Kofi was a bit on the thin side and had several scabs on his skin, but overall was found to be in decent shape. According to his owners, he is eating alot, playing, and seems very happy.

Aside from the positive feeling we can take from this happy reunion, we should also take away an important lesson: microchipping our pets increases our likelihood of recovering them in the event of their disappearance. For those unfamiliar with microchipping, it is the implantation of a tiny microchip by injection under the skin, typically over the back between the shoulder blades. The chip contains the pet owner’s contact information, which comes up on the screen of a scanner when passed over the chip. When animals are found and turned in to shelters, veterinary clinics, or the police, animals are typically instantly scanned in an attempt to locate the pet’s owners.

If this story is not enough to convince you that microchips are a good idea, consider that one of the main manufacturers of pet microchips, Home Again, is responsible for the recovery of 1 lost pet every 6 seconds!

Sincere congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Hawley, whose smart decision to chip their pet led him back to them.

Lost cat found

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