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The grain free pet food craze…worth all the hype?

Airs Wed November 30, 2011, 9PM EST. Listen to this podcast directly from my show page by CLICKING HERE.

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In the past few years, there has been movement among many pet industry professionals and even a good number of veterinarians to push for the feeding of grain free, preservative free, pet food. And of course when there is a demand, there will be no shortage of companies happy to fill it…and often charge a rather high premium for this type of food.

The question is, is it really worth it? Are grains really the root of all canine and feline disease as many proclaim? In this episode, I breakdown some real benefits of these types of diets, versus claims that are fantastic and not really based in science and medicine.

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Roger Welton, DVM

Dr. Roger Welton is the President and chief veterinarian at Maybeck Animal Hospital in West Melbourne Florida, as well as CEO of the veterinary advice and health management website

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