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Top 10 2013 Pet Resolutions; Final Thoughts 2012

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Thank you for another great year helping me fulfill my dream of bringing my vision and message to pet owners all over the world. It is beyond amazing to me that what started as a pipe dream to act on my extroverted and opinionated demeanor to start talking and see if anyone would listen – starting with just under 50 listens/views per episode the first year – could lead to attracting an audience of 2000-3000 listeners per episode by BlogTalkRadio podcast/15,000-20,000 views per episode by YouTube webcast and growing each week. It is such a privilege to talk to you week in and week out.

Tonight will be my last broadcast of 2012, an episode where I will share with you my top ten list of things pet owners should strrive for in their day to day lives with their pets. This list is based on my experiences and lessons learned throughout the year that may serve to provide insight into how you may better your relationship with your pets, feed and care for them, maximize your mutual enjoyment and companionship, and avert unnecessary injury, illness, and even tragedy.

Always bear in mind that we “practice” the science and art of veterinary medicine, not master it, because our knowledge is always changing based on insights that research, scientific advances, technology, and personal experience brings us. We need to always be learning and evolving, and for veterinarians that begin to refuse to evolve or allow themselves to stay in modes of practice and philosophy that are dated and archaic…it is time to hang up the stethoscope, retire, and move on to other pursuits.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am far from that point in my career and look forward to coming to you week in and week out to share what I learn for a long time to come…11 years of practice has gone by like a flash, and I feel like I am just getting started.

Enjoy tonight’s episode, have a happy holidays, and may God bless you and your families (furry ones too!). I’ll be with you again in early January 2013!


Dr. Roger

Top 10 2013 Pet Reslutions:

10.) Increase exercise, curb portions, minimize table foods, and be judicious with treats to prevent OBESITY.

9.) Keep up with regular wellness visits.

8.) Avoid discount spay/neuter clinics and SHOT WAGONS. 🙁

7.) Do not get duped by anesthesia free dentistry and the unlicensed charlatans that offer it,

6.) Resist becoming a “cornphobic.”

5.) Choose your trusted veterinarian – not internet pet forumsm groomers, and breeders – for nutrition advice for your pet.

4.) Engage in regular senior wellness screening starting at 5 years for large to giant breed dogs, 7 years for cats and small/medium dog breeds.

3.) Give to local rescue organizations: money, volunteering, opening your home to foster care.

2.) Take dentistry seriously as an integral component to pet health and wellness.

1.) Carry reputable pet insurance or engage in $50 rule (having a health care account where $50 per pet is faithfully desposited monthly) to be financially prepared for costly unexpected serious injury or illness.

Dr. Roger Welton is the President and chief veterinarian at Maybeck Animal Hospital in West Melbourne Florida, as well as CEO of the veterinary advice and health management website

One thought on “Top 10 2013 Pet Resolutions; Final Thoughts 2012

  1. Angela T says:

    Hi Dr. Welton, this is Angela (I had asked you a question about veterinary medicine/vet school and whether I needed to be a biological sciences major or not awhile back). Honestly the Youtube comment really made me scoff and, at times, laugh a little bit simply because even someone like me who has absolutely NO background in veterinary medicine other than the books I read from the public library and articles I read online, I know pretty much what the Youtube comment had said was completely false. Vet med nutrition is just as much of a science as human med nutrition and a lot of people, unfortunately, undermine that because they believe pets can just be fed whatever and be completely ok.

    In addition, what in the world made the poster think that veterinarians say or promote brands because they are being paid or compensated by the brand name companies?! No matter whether it’s MD or DVM the doctors want what is best for the patient, and there is no way that any doctor would risk the health or the well-being of the said patient for some compensation from a large company.

    I agree with you when you say that the poster probably never had cracked open a veterinary medicine book or even studied in the field of veterinary medicine. If someone like me who has never been trained in the field of veterinary medicine knows that, then they should too with just a little bit of research.

    Loving the blog as always, thanks for all you do!
    -Angela (Angie)

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