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Top 10 Pet Myths

Airs Friday, June 1, 2012, 9PM EST. Listen to this podcast directly from my show page by CLICKING HERE

Dear Listeners, Viewers, and Readers:
Tonight, I will be revising my top 10 list of canine and feline myths with a different twist…I will put both dog and cat medical myths lumped into one top 10 list. This will save air time in presenting both species in one episode, but will also allow be to prevent redundancy for myths that both dogs and cats share in common.
My top 10 lists are based on feedback I get from clients and colleagues throughout the year, making each new one unique as it reflects a new year’s misinformation. There are likely to be some repeats as some myths refuse to die, but there will be several new ones as well. In order to prepare you for this episode, here are the myths I will be debunking tonight:
1.) Cancerous tumors in dogs and cats spread faster once they are exposed to air.
2.) Spay should be delayed until a pet has one or two heats so that they can experience the hormones to develop properly mentally and physically.
3.) It does not matter where I get my pet spayed or neutered…I mean, it’s just spays and neuters, right? No big deal.
4.) It does not matter where I get my pets’ shots…I mean, it’s just shots, right?
5.) Garlic and brewers yeast are effective flea preventives.
6.) My dog does not need heartworm preventive because he is primarily an indoor dog.
7.) Grains are the root of most disease in dogs and cats.
8.) My dog destroys things out of anger or spite when I leave the home
9.) My pet will get fat if I spay/neuter him/her because these procedures slow the metabolism.
10.) Human grade omega-3-fatty acid and joint health supplements are okay to use on my pets.
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Thank you as always for caring about what I have to say!
Roger Welton, DVM
Dr. Roger Welton is the President and chief veterinarian at Maybeck Animal Hospital in West Melbourne Florida, as well as CEO of the veterinary advice and health management website

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