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Unsung Heroes

Throughout the ongoing Middle East wars our country remains engaged in, whether citizens are supporters of the military campaigns or not, the overwhelming majority of us feel gratitude, admiration, respect, and support for our troops on the front lines of these conflicts. Along these same lines, let us not forget that in addition to these brave people of our military, there are many military working dogs (MWDs) also admirably serving our country, who are also placed in harm’s way while bravely performing their invaluable tasks. Many brave and loyal MWDs pay the ultimate price for their deeds and lose their lives in service of their country. Their contributions to our war efforts and sacrifice make them deserving of our respect and acknowledgement.

Interestingly, I learned that war dogs are not a new part of the military, with the use of MWDs dating as far back as World War I. Having been more significantly incorporated in the military campaigns of World War II, MWDs have a long history of service, dedication, and sacrifice for their country. Created by former MWD military handlers inspired by the heroism displayed by their canine partners in arms, below is a website that honors MWDs by acknowledging their deeds with historical MWD information, profiles in MWDs courage, and funding for an actual brick and mortar U.S. War Dog Memorial:

Like any good soldier, a MWD deserves a peaceful, love filled retirement. For anyone wishing to perform a good deed for one who admirably served their country without hesitation, below is a website dedicated to the adoption of retired military working dogs:

While I do not expect all of my readers to necessarily run out and adopt a retired war dog (although that would be nice), I do ask that everyone consider bringing them up the next time a discussion of the war comes up or share this article and its links with friends. That way, our canine war heroes may one day be unsung no more.

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