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Hello Pet Lovers Around the world! Although not quite yet complete, the WebDVM already has a substantial web presence that we could not hide from the major search engines. Believe me, I am not complaining. It is very encouraging that pet lovers around the world are already making use of our site with it still yet to be finished, as well as with our organization having yet to promote the WebDVM at all. However, since we are already experiencing a lot of hits on the site, I decided to write my inaugural blog a bit sooner than expected, as a courtesy to the good people that are already frequenting the site with regularity.

While the core pages are all completed at this point, the one daunting task that remains is to complete the drafting of all of the disease article pages that represent all the pertinent disease links that make up both the “Diseases A-Z” and “Symptom Checker” pages. However, it is easy to tell which disease articles are complete on either page, as the ones that are complete are clearly linked to their respective articles, whereas the ones that are incomplete are clearly not linked. If you find our database lacking at this point, I invite you check back regularly, as we are working very hard to complete the disease articles, linking between 2-10 disease article pages per day, making our estimated finish time between 2 – 4 weeks from the date of this blog.

So one may ask, why my colleagues and I have decided to launch the WebDVM. The answer for me started in 2002 when I created as a veterinary question and answer pay site both for fun, as well as to generate some extra income. While the income was certainly helpful, what I found the most exciting about my new Internet venture was the global correspondence my site achieved, with consultations coming from all over the US, as well as the entire world, from places as far away a Singapore.

Later in 2004, when I incorporated my veterinary advice service into my new veterinary hospital’s website, at the same time I also spun off a free pet health chat forum, which quickly swelled to over 1000 worldwide members in less than a year’s time. I just found it so overwhelmingly gratifying that from this modest little venue, animal enthusiasts all over the world could correspond with one another, meanwhile utilizing my hospital web site’s modestly sized health article database to learn from.

Well, early in 2007, it occurred to me that if my modest little hospital website and pet chat forum could bring so many people from different countries and from all walks of life together with the common purpose of bettering the lives of animals, imagine what a mega portal like WebDVM could achieve. The WebDVM’s mission is to provide more news and information for more pet loving people for an ever growing global online community on a scale never before seen in the animal care industry.

We hope your enjoyment and benefit for WebDVM matches our passion for it!

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