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Final Thoughts 2015 (From the Veterinary & Pet Perspective)

Dogs New YearI like to do a year end wrap up podcast every year that I call “Final Thoughts 2—,” a tradition I started in 2010.  This year, with the epic increase in my blog readership that now exceeds my podcast listenership, I have decided to extend the tradition to the blog as well.  For those of you that prefer to listen rather than read, the podcast of this content is embedded above. (photocredit:

Thank You!

I have no one else to thank for being blessed with so many readers and followers other than you, the audience.  I started this blog in 2007 because I have the combination of a passion for my work, an overactive brain, and enjoy all forms of media to share my passion and hopefully help a few pets and the people who love them.  Never did I envision that this website and blog would swell to 5000 unique visits a day, over 2000 likes on our Facebook page, and just under 4000 followers of our Twitter feed!

I state from the bottom of my heart, thanks to all who take the time to visit, read, listen, and share my passion!

Since search engines do not like blog posts of more than 400-600 words, this article had to be segmented across a few separate posts, so please click the link below to read on…

Trifexis and Convenia Mass Hysteria Is Losing Steam (Final Thoughts 2015 Continued)

6 thoughts on “Final Thoughts 2015 (From the Veterinary & Pet Perspective)

  1. Christy Stewart says:

    I am so frustrated by your lack of understanding as to why so many pet owners don’t have pet insurance. In the human healthcare world the providers do not require payment up front. Vets do. So even if I have pet insurance I still have to come up with $5000 that I don’t have. This actually happened to me. I had paid for pet insurance for years and then when my dog needed life saving surgery that would cost $5000 I was screwed. Not everyone has a house to mortgage or family to borrow from or even credit cards to run up. We tried to sell everything we could (pawn shop) but by the time we could even come up with half the money my dog was dead. Please try and gain some perspective before you reprimand us for not having pet insurance. If vet’s offices would do like the human doctors do and not expect payment up front then more people would probably get pet insurance.

  2. Dawn Presler/Momma says:

    I’m deeply concerned about this “CONVENIA”. The name of this drug in and of itself is derived from the word “CONVIENANT”, which gives me cause to be concerned. I think this medication is not well balanced and not based on prolonged scientific research. It’s my belief my beloved cat “Momma” was taken down by this murderous bullet, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m destroyed as I literally watch as she lay dying as her eyes plead with me to please help her when Indeed there was nothing that could do except watch my beloved companion of 12 beautiful yrs froth from the mouth and battle severe convulsions/seizures. It’s a dangerous drug and I would make every effort in the future ( if I can get over my horrible loss) any felines that I co-pilot with will NEVER BE GIVEN THE DRUG “CONVENIA” for the mere fact that all these devastating and horrible testimonials in tribute to their deceased beloved pets (not unlike my own) cannot be wrong. The ” POWERS THAT BE” need to “BAN” this drug because any drug derived from the word “CONVENIENT” tells me that somebody somewhere wether it’s the scientific researchers or the veterinarian, somebody didn’t do the math.

  3. Donna says:

    My dog was given a shot of cove is today. She was on Baytril, but it gave her watery bowels. I returned to the Vet and he said to “trust him” that this medicine was better. So far after this afternoon’s shot she has vomited twice and is just laying around, when usually active. I am praying that she will be o.k. All she had initially was red gums. He also gave her a pet “viox” which made her heart race. I asked him to check her heart, and he said he thought she had a slight murmur. Why do Vet’s insist on giving dangerous meds to our pets? I had no problem giving her pills . I did not need convenience. Now I read about all these problems and I want to rewind my trust. I will hope she will do better she is only 6 years old and the most loving girl… Everyone loves her. I will never allow a Vet to administer a drug before looking it up. Don’t trust anymore!

  4. Stephanie says:

    My cat was given covenia for a possible bladder infection. I had no idea how dangerous this drug is. I’ve heard vets say it’s safe, but I’ve read hundreds of stories of people losing or almost losing their pets. How can vets think it safe? My cat received the shot 7 hours ago, so far she’s ok, eating and playing. I hope she doesn’t have any reactions, I’m terrified. I know hemolytic anemia is a side effect, and my dog suffered from it for two years, though not from covenia, I’m scared to death that my cat could become sick. Does anyone know how soon after the injection symptoms can occur?

    • Dr. Roger says:


      You would do well to not linger on internet tales of horror.. After literally thousands of Convenia injections that I have administered dating back to 2008, I have seen one case of lethargy which passed within 48 hours without intervention. The onset of lethargy was within 12 hours of the injection. That is the ONLY side effect I have seen from Convenia and most certainly have not seen hemolytic anemia.

      Your cat will be absolutely fine.

      Best regards,

      Dr. Roger

  5. J. Kutche says:

    If Trifexis harms one animal it is one too damn many..

    Stop the madness… its is not hysteria..
    Its Fuctardism…

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